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I want to buy a steeringwheel for PS3

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Rhys Garbin, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. I wanna buy a steering wheel for ps3, which do you guys recommend
  2. logitech g27
  3. What are the main differences between the G27 and the G25?
  4. here is ur answer
  5. If your looking for something that's not too pricey and is a great starter wheel then it's the Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP, but if you want a pro wheel with everything you will ever need then it's the G27 or G25 :) Hope this helps

  6. For PS3, check out the Logitech Driving Force GT. Inside Sim Racing says it feels as good as the G25 in terms of FFB, but is cheaper. Also has more programmable buttons. Downsides compared to G27/25 are plastic construction (although still sturdy), 2 pedals as opposed to 3 and sequential shifter only for the stick, and it is fixed to the right side.
  7. Fanatec Porsche GT3RSv2 - better quality (Aluminium/Alcantara) better feeling, better peddles same price as G27/G25
  8. this is my custom g25 F1 bmw racing wheel as the real one

    After 6 months waiting I get back my G25 custom F1......this is my custom g25 F1 racing wheel.

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  9. where can I get mine!!!!!!
  10. I searched and Found some poeple can do custom F1 of G25 racing wheel...I Contacted with the man who can do that custom F1 you have to wait aout 5-6 months....And you have to send Him your G25 everything as you bought it..
  11. im using the logitech driving force gt, feels great and is pretty cheaper than the g25/g27. only thing i think is a problem is that the pedals are a bit lightweight but still very much usable. the wheel is much better to use than the pad but i still have difficulties driving with no TC, ABS and manual gearbox all at the same time. hope this helps.
  12. Whoa! I don't know if I can go without for 6 months :) but it's worth a look so post or pm me who you used.
  13. That, is very COOL!
    Please tell us more about this wheel, the buttons and all the good stuff, Pleeeeeaaaase!
  14. I wonder why logitech dont launch an F1 steering wheel based on G27 or G25 now that the new F1 game is at the market.Back in 2002 i was at Monza GP and in the F1 village at Jaguar store there was an F1 wheel with the Jaguar brand on it.That was the last time i saw an F1 wheel for gaming...
  15. OK I am mega jealous! That is awesome! I'm thinking of getting a G27. Do you think it will help me bring lap times down? Right now I use TC on FULL because I just can't keep the car straight with it off or even medium is a bit shaky.. more than actually. IS TC off a lot faster? OR is it not really why people are going 3-5 seconds faster than me. (talking about TT records here)

    How about this one:


    No Force feedback on that though - major downer I guess.

    Where I live (Dubai) the G27 costs 1499 Dirhams = 258 pounds = 292 Euros.

    I would then need to buy a stand for it because there is not a lot of room between my bed and my TV. The other one is fully adjustable and grippy on the bottom (important).
    It costs 1299 dirhams = 223 pounds = 253 Euros

    So much to think about
  16. Dont even think about a wheel with no FFB. Imo its just not worth it. Get the best wheel you can afford and it will last a long time.
    Go for it. You will love it!
  17. If you're going to buy a wheel, dont buy a cheapy as you will be disapointed, the difference between the cheapy wheels and the mid range wheels like the G27 is huge, you wont be disapointed if you spend that little bit extra, you will have something that feels solid and enhances your experience, it's worth it.
  18. Thanks! G27 it is then

    Oh ****.. just loaded up F1 (on PS3) and it says my save file 'data is corrupt" WTF!!??
  19. Good move dude!
  20. a little bit extra??
    the difference is about 200 euro