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I upgraded my graphics card just for F1 2015 and WOW!!

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Barnes, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. First off I am a total F1 gaming addict and have been since 1997 when I played my first F1 game on a PS1. I have owned every official F1 game since then, always following the real season either against AI or online leagues at an expert level. Always upgraded my PC to power the next F1 game that comes along but I always bought midrange graphic cards, never spending more than $150. Most F1 games look good enough for me until F1 2015 came along.

    I have an AMD Phenom II X6 w/ 8gigs ddr3. My graphics was an AMD HD 6750 w/ 1gig GDDR5. My F1 2015 looked like crap, terrible motion blur, reflection in the mirror an on the car looked awful. I was getting 18 to 25 FPS on my benchmark. It was also making me slow, I could not keep up at all with AI on expert. The AI also acted weird, my sound sounded weird. So I changed the graphic settings in game, back and forth trying to find a decent setting I could be happy with, turning off motion blur in the config file, But I wasn't happy at all. F1 2015 sucked!! I knew that F1 2015 could look great if I spent the money.
    So, I went and spent $260 on an AMD R9 380 w/ 4 gigs of 256bit GDDR and a 750 watt power supply with 4 6pin adaptors
    WOW!! What a difference. My graphics now has the power to handle all the high res. graphics F1 2015 is throwing at it. My F1 looks ultra realistic at 60 FPS with everything on Ultra. The motion blur looks amazing, the cars reflections are life like, the mirrors are as clear as my main view. Everything started looked right and acting right like the AI and my lap times.

    If you love F1 gaming like me and want the most realistic F1 ever made, do what ever it takes to get the power this game wants and you will be jaw dropped like me. F1 2015 is freaking awesome now, the best F1 ever made in my opinion.
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  2. Hrc


    dont scam a game have childsih look and its not soo good...solid yes..i got nvidia gtx 970 and grapich is nice but too blurry..
  3. Whatever he smokes, I want the same.
    Motion blur looks amazing - just made my day :roflmao::laugh:
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  4. You guys make me regret posting this. I forgot, opinions are flamed on the internet.
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  5. So, in which department at Codemasters do you work?
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  6. I could care less if someone buys F1 2015. I posted this because I wanted to share my experience going from a slow card to a fast one. I'm not spamming or anything like that. I wish I could remove this post now.

    Hey admin, remove this post please.
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  7. I just wonder what you say to games with real good graphics (which your new card obviously can handle easily), then you'll see why we can't stop laughing :D
  8. I thought I was posting in the F1 2015 forum? I also have Project Cars and it went from crap to amazing also. If anything, my post looks more like I'm selling a graphics card.
  9. Hey Barnes, I share your love of all things F1. But I'd say your history of F1 race sims is pretty short. You didn't even mention Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix series. They were and still are the Pinacle of F1 on the PC.
    See this video of GP4 with a 1991 mod and commentary mod.

    mod-edit: you can post your videos here http://www.racedepartment.com/media/

    Some pics of my GP4 with updated season:
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  10. Either that or in CM's PR office, to tell us the game has an outstanding graphics, which is everything but near the truth (especially compared to games like PC and AC e.g.) :D
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  11. Jeez! I own GP4 and all of Geoff Crammond's F1 game. I wasn't here to compare F1 games from one to another. I am talking about high resolution graphics, that's all. I think that with my new card F1 2015 looks the most realistic I have ever seen, that's all, nothing more. Just my opinion. I love all F1 games in their own way from EAs versions to GC's version. I owned 3 F1 games on a Dreamcast. I bought a Dreamcast just for the F1 at the time.
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  12. airutonpurosuto8912


    The same pictures that I remember :D
  13. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    I'm loving it too mate:thumbsup:
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  14. Barnes - it's always great to get a good pc / gpu update, especially when you make a pretty big jump up like you have - so obviously enjoy it and I wouldn't concern yourself with others' comments. If you are happy then that's all that matters.

    I too generally like F1 2015s looks compared to F1 2014 (apart from some odd colour correction at times) but I bet the performance boost for you is more important for the actual gameplay.
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  15. Im glad you like it now , never mind the others , haters are everywhere .
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  16. Thanks Jake, Large, and bporion. I was really disappointed that I was getting flamed for posting my honest opinion. I was thinking "is this what RD is like now?" until you last 3 put my faith back in RD. I posted this for true F1 racers/gamers that want the best.
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  17. Me too i find that the game looks pretty awesome this year. Performance is much better than previous titles and it looks amazing with everything maxed out. Out of the box the lighting is more natural, colors are not over saturated and effects not exaggerated (not a fun of motion blur in any game but here it's just right on spot, really adds more reality). With SMAA and TXAA on there is no aliasing at all. Overall it's just looking so much more natural and my eyes are not bleeding after 20 laps starring at my screen.
    As a xbox controller user on a pc i find that this year even the controller settings are perfect. CM had a really big problem with controllers "feel" those last years in all their games but it looks like it's back on track this time, reactivity, precision and feedback are good.
  18. I agree that the better the cpu/gpu combo, the better this game can look, but for some reason this year's rendition of Malaysia sucks and I have a 2600k (just can't part with my sandy) overclocked to 4.5G + GTX970 4G, so my graghics are optimized.
  19. Oh I mis-understood you then. When you said get f1 2015 because it was the most realistic F1 game ever made I presumed you hadn't actually seen the most realistic ones ever made. My bad.

    Nevermind, no need to get upset or cause any wars. Have a nice day and enjoy your new graphics card. :thumbsup:
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  20. Don't worry about it at all, I know how you feel after your upgrade, I did the exact thing with project cars. I was on a r9 270x but it ran crap with pcars, upgraded to a G1 gaming gtx 970 + fx 8350 at 4.7GHZ and pcars plays superb but you always get some top hat that will slate you. I got in a war with someone on here over it. I hope you enjoy F1 2015 now you have the grunt. F1 2015 for me runs fantastic everything at max and capped at 60FPS
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