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i took the number one in the most populated leaderboard

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by luxtpm, Mar 4, 2015.

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  1. i threw acusations of cheating and i apologize, with the new setup i can get even 1.5 seconds faster

    why is not posible to cheat in this game:

    this is a remotely controlled speeder through a time wormmhole:

    this is the ultimate warfare though seems a game


    so my apologies to the invading ants for calling them cheaters :)
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    How come you are always into exploits/cheater threads on this forum? Five years ago with FVA and now with R3E.

    You do know that hotlapping isn't real racing? So not many people care that you are on a leaderboard and bragging about it. :roflmao:
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  3. I don't care. :rolleyes: Look at me! I'm number one! Wait; I'm number two? You cheated!!!:mad:
    Just stop. LOL
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  4. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Who cares.
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  5. Falk Massmann

    Falk Massmann

    Not a single Fu** was given today...
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  6. Mach

    #47 G.R.Webb Sidecar Racer 1962-1972

    I think if it felt like a personal achievement and you feel like some improvements were made with your drivin, fair play, but don't get too disheartened when alien decides to have a go..... What was the combo..? ;)
  7. Tim Cannon

    Tim Cannon

    I took number one in the most populated leaderboard challenge....

    ...for competitive masterbation

    ....and missed my favorite show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.

    ...now I'm vitamin D deficient

    ....and I still can't get laid
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  8. Eck Simpson

    Eck Simpson

    Put that down Tim, you dunno where its been....
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  9. Eat.....more...Kale. Wait, thats vitamin F
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  10. yeah sorry for the nonsense, some play theyre a top pilot i play im a man fighting the alien, but the game changed, is not anymore a thing of alien human, now its a battle between good and evil

    check this video right after my antipsicotics, i think its a vision of hell

    the black rapper is a guy who said to me and my friends once that anyone who caricaturize mahoma deserves dying for balsphemous for those las shootings, i recognize him

    look at him now:

    everybody should be able to run the wormhole to know what the invisible gods personality is like

    the wormhole not can only read your mind it can read your heart as well

    EDIT: refrain from posting obscenity. This is a racing forum. And try to keep yourself together.
    Necro thread: closing
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  11. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    What the hell are you on about?
  12. oh im just a litle kid playing, some pretend to be top pilot, i pretend the circuit is a wormhole where divine justice is made

    watch this again:

    Last edited: Mar 14, 2015
  13. wow
  14. Acid flashbacks? :sick:
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