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I think I've hit a road block

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. I have been practicing and practicing and can get my times down to a respectable pace for who I drive against in official races however they are faster than I am. Some are ALOT faster than I am. I have watched replay after replay of some of thier driving and have noticed a few different things. Which actually lead me to look at my wheel and little setup I have here. Looking at each of the faster drivers "style" persay and thinking about what they are doing going into a turn, during the turn, and leaving the turn for a pretty good amount of time leads me to one thing. It just isn't possible for myself to drive that way at the moment. First thing is I really only have the paddels to shift with and to drive like some I know they are using an H pattern going from say 5th to 2nd gear. Second is I do not have a clutch and have to use the auto clutch. Sooo, I'm thinking I may be able to improve a bit on my times, however I will not be able to match the really fast guys until I get something such as the G27. I may be wrong but my feeling is pointing me to the above statements and I'm ok with that...lol... What are your opinions on this subject?
  2. Equipment is part of it. Having everything tweaked properly is part of it and I think how your computer is running the sim is part of it. I think you are probably at a disadvantage if you dont have a strong enough hardware(CPU and GPU) combination. How much time a lap that might translate to I'm not experienced enough to comment on.
  3. Well, I'm not sure if the H-pattern will make you faster, true you can skip gears on the down shift but going from 5th to 2nd is a good way to blow your engine, trust me. 5th to 3rd with a big blip is possible, not saying 5th to 2nd isn't but IMO very risky. I believe with the last build the penalty for using auto clutch has been reduced so I'm not sure it that is the problem, even though I don't use the aids. I find that the fast guys are usually really good on the brakes, is this because of better equipment, I'm not sure. But I think if you took a poll you will find that most people (fast and slow) use the G27. If you ask some of the fast guys you will see that most of them have some kind of brake mod. IMO it comes down to practice, feeling comfortable with the setup of the car and your setup at home. Once again these are only my opinion, I am not that fast, but I have been passed by some of the fastest.:wink:

    P.S. If your looking for a reason to go buy a g27 then disreguard everything mentioned above. I love my g27 with the foam brake mod.

    I type slow, Paul is right in saying your computer will play a part. I just upgraded mine and it runs so smooth now that I feel faster. I also went to triple screens and now I have that sense of speed that was missing before. My FOV has increased from 80 to about 130 and now I can hit my apexs much better and carry more speed through the corners.
  4. I use a G25 and only drive with the H-Patter. Though most people who are able to go under 59secs at LRP drive with Paddles, auto-clutch and no-autoblip. I managed to reach 59.104 @ LRP and 1.41.7 @ Laguna (MX5)... but I do get stucked here a bit for now, mainly due to the diffficulty of keeping a steady and perfectly strong/regular braking while doing H&T.
    So paddle do have an advantage, especially with autoclutch as you can do left foot braking and reaccelerate faster out of turns (no movement from your feet). It just kind of kills the whole fun of the game for me therefore I prefer not to do it :)
  5. Well at Lime Rock I can hit a 59 second lap time in the MX-5, but in the skip I'm always about 4 seconds off the pace from the faster guys. It's pretty easy to go from 5th to 2nd if you have an H pattern shifter. Almost every car I've driven in real life was a stick and just as long as you know your speeds for a gear you should be fine. Now these are normal real life cars such as a Camero, and Vette not true race cars. I turn the auto blip off before and it seemed to help me, but I forgot to turn it back off since I had to turn in on for the vette race. I couldn't down shift with it off...Doh... I will still get a G27 hopefully sometime soon but for now I have to stay with what I have due to funds.
  6. You know im in a simialr position to you Joe, LRP in the MX5's i am always in the top split (even against the A, B & C class drivers) and have lots of fun, but as soon as in the Mustangs im 3 to 4 seconds off the pace and doint feel confident at all, i think it all comes down to practice for me though, i only use a Thrustmaster wheel (With clutch, but the pedals have no feel at all) so im very very close to ordering a Fanatec GT3RS with the CSP's, probably thinking this will improve my lap times haha, im sure it wont but i can hope!
  7. Hi Joe, I feel your pain man, as its exactly the same for me. After an upgrade of my PC and the nixim brake mod to my G25 I saw an improvement in my lap times and consistency across all cars. I regularly am hitting 150fps or more, rarely below 100fps and I think this made a big difference from the 20-40fps I was getting previously. I also use the flappy paddles auto clutch for the cars that need it, but no auto blip.

    From watching countless replays of the aliens two thoughts spring to mind.
    1) Braking - very late but consistent
    2) Use of all the track, every last inch which comes with practice to get every turn perfect.

    What I discovered a couple of days ago (and need to practice) ii quite a few of the cars, even under braking the fast guys are just leaving a little bit of throttle on. For some reason this makes the downshifting smoother and allows braking later. I definitely noticed this in the Star Mazda but getting the amount of throttle just right can be tricky. Previously I was just letting completely off throttle while braking and then turning.
  8. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    It really helps to have good hardware BUT it doesnt make you faster imo.
    More consitent yes?

    What iam trying to say is dont expect that hardware will make it better all of a sudden.

    You still need to spend many many hours of praccy to get to the fast ones, i gave up on it after building a dual Vcard 8 core solid state disc computer...... got my ass kicked on Spa for example by guys that are just faster period. At least thats how i look at it after 9 years of these games.

    I sometimes have a day a cant even come lose to some laptimes i did the day before.
    Somedays i can turn lap after lap fater lap without spinning other days i love the armco.
    All i say is most of the speed comes from you, not your hardware altough i must say my G25
    got me more consistent.

    dunnno how much shipping is but i do have a extra G25 i make you a really fair deal.
    pm me if your interested.
    We work something out ;)
  9. I don't think many people goes from 5th to 2nd when downshifting...
    You would loose all the engine brake and take lots of risk to have everything explode. The only times I go from 5th to 2nd is when I want to destroy my car lol
    Also you cannot use the h-shifter in the skip. iracing does not let you do it, it has to be sequential.
    If I were you, I'd practice more with the wheel you got before changing anything. Chances are you wont notice much differnce, especially with the skip, that is driven faster when clutchless (pass the gears at the exact right time, without using the clutch, though downshift with H&T)...
    The only gain you might get in a G27, is from having a clutch, allowing you stronger dowshifts when doing perfect H&T.
  10. Yeah, I dont see any gain from skipping gears, the engine braking is important.
  11. Joe there is always someone faster then you. Even the real aliens sometimes come across someone that beats them. :)
    Imo the way you get faster is just practice. Doing laps and races is the way to go.
    I i am also improving and i dont even know where its coming from if i am honest. And i believe its just more experience that makes me faster then i was before.

    Also some cars suit you and some dont.
    I am not really fast in GT cars but with Open Wheelers and FWD i can race at the front.
    The reason? I dont know really it just suits me more. So thats maybe the case also with you and the Barber. :)
  12. As far as braking goes, I know that is a huge problem for me. I'll try to explain this as best as I can and hopefully in the right words. With this MoMo it I have to calibrate it about two times a day sometimes more. It's the peddles that I have to keep fixing, the brake mostly. I can be in a track testing, looking for my braking points and "think" that I have nailed the right spot. I'll get comfortable with it, and go to a practice or race. All of the sudden the brake has different pressure settings if that makes since. In the practice I would push the brake to just over 1/2 way feeling perfect, but then in the race they would instant lock just by pushing the brake to around 1/4 of the way. Same corner, about the same speed. I personaly think that is one of the reasons my lap times are down due to my not being able to have it set and know where it will be everytime.

    Now for the H pattern thing, that very well could have been a mistake or the guy just driving wrong or different from others. However that is what he was doing. I don't think that I was meaning to say that if I had an H pattern shifter I would be faster, just more in control with it and the clutch.

    Still I'm not trying to complain about the MoMo, it beats the whoey out of the flight stick... hahaha

    What you had said about the car could be true as well. Even though I really like openwheel cars perhaps it's the skip that doesn't like me. I tried out Mr. Nowells setup last night in the Star Mazda and I thought I was doing alot better in it than the skip. That could just be me thinking though...lol... I only got into a practice, I don't think I'm anywhere close to race ready with that car.
  13. The Star Mazda is A LOT easier to drive than the skip and races can be fun.
    I don't own one myself, but I drive it on a friend's account once in a while... Not my type of car, but races are fun and with less "aliens" than in the skip.
  15. I saw a couple videos of the SM and it does indeed look like a fun car to drive. This and the skippy are the two open wheelers I'm looking forward to driving, especially since I'm still in the rookie class and won't be able to race the FW31 ANYTIME soon lol.

    Is it true that with a bit of practice, you can actually slide the Skippy around corners, almost as if it's a Japanese Initial D drift car? I've read this on more than one occasion on different forums. They said the ability to do that is a big part of why it's so fun to drive.
  16. yeahh, sliding a bit with the skip is what makes it fun...
    But you guys should really stop thinking faster cars like the Star Mazda, the indy or the F1 are hard to drive... :)
    They are actually a lot easier than most cars...
    Driving realtively fast with the Mustang requires a lot more skills than driving the F1.
    The F1 is litteraly on rails, the whole car is more about reflexes than actual driving skills... Unlike the Corvette or the Radical... fast but a lot harder to drive.
  17. I dont agree about that at all. All cars are hard to drive fast, and if the F1 is on rails you are not going fast enough. :)
  18. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    I kinda agree with that tbh. If I think it drives easy its usuelly because I am to slow with it. :)
  19. I don't think I'm slow, it's just I find them "too easy" to drive...
    I have tons more fun wth something that does not brake very well, that understeer or oversteer like hell and that ou have to struggle to keep on the track...
    The Star Mazda is just dialed... So is the F1 or the Indy.
    Of course, you can push it to the limit and i will never get a world record on those cars... But being "fast" does not mean, being the best. And just being fast is a bit too easy with those cars I think...
  20. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    That depends on how you define fast but thats going to end up no where. I understand what your saying but for me the experience is different. Thas why i posted my personal experience.

    If I wanne go fast in any of the "easy" cars i dont get that "bléh this is an easy car feeling"

    15 min on zandvoort pushing the F1 to my limits (which are very modest i dont have talent) and i was exhausted. Vette @ Spa same feeling for me, altough its a total different thing to drive, that i agree with but more difficult?