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I see users driving already

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Günthar Rowe, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. I am going to go nuts seeing the little pop-ups stating that "blahblah is now playing F1 2010™" ....
  2. I still cant play this. Three days until it gets unlocked for me-.-
  3. I'm assuming that these drivers have the DVD's which still need Steam to run...
  4. i have the game on steam, and can now play. played about 10 mins so far, i'm hoping it gets much better than this with some tweaking.
  5. Quite looking forward to giving it a blast, not sure why other steam users get it 3 days before me but what can i do. A lot of people i've heard moaning about "Securom", not sure what exactly it does that everybody hates.

    Down to the point, what are the physics like. I've heard an endless arguement about Arcade/Simulation, and i heard an endless ammount of praising of the Rfactor F1 mods (from myself too) until ferrari academy came out, which is completely different. Lets be honest, most of us have no idea what is an accurate sim. We just like to brand things to make ourselves feel special.

    Im pretty sure this will be a great game, i loved GRID (even though i dont like the physics, it was fun and i played it until complete) and Dirt 2 was fantastic (even tho i only played it for 3 hours, with a gamepad).

    Waiting another 3 days is just gonna drive me nuts.
  6. Supposedly on sale in 18hrs in Oz, but I need confirmation from a PC simmer that the steering{and even the pedals} work properly.
  7. I bought it yesterday for the xbox 360...
  8. My logitech wheel and pedals work fine, so does TrackIR if anyone uses that.

    *Edit ~ This is from the readme:

  9. Got the game, not that great, certainly not "awesome dude".
    I wonder if MP will be any good.
  10. Nope, those are Americans where the game is already released on Steam.
    And retail disc versions don't have steam..
  11. i bought the game on Steam yesterday... dissapointing!..maybe i need to play with adjustments and such more but out of the box this game is way off being the best F1 game ever...my personal opinion of course