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I saw a UFO last night.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hampus Andersson, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. OH **** not one of those guys you might think :) But hear me out, and of course UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object and not Aliens spaceship :)

    So i was at a friends house taking it easy (none of us really wanted to go out partying, everyone is sick of it)
    We just had a big meal a friend had cooked up so i went out on the balcony for a cigarette and noticed something in the sky that just baffled me completely.

    The clock was around 11.30pm and people had already started shooting rockets lightly.
    Anyway, i stand there smoking my cigarette and see an object that was nothing but light.

    Just like a lightbulb in the sky but with no apparent shape. It sat about 10-15 meters above the roof of the house ahead.
    IT then started moving to my direction but at South East of me so it started in front and eventually passe by on my right. I could not see anymore of it due to the visibility from the balcony.

    At first i thought it was some form of Chinese light bag you know that uses heat to get higher up in the air.
    But that theory was quickly shot down when the thing flew or hovered in a perfect line. I mean the direction it took was 100% rock solid. no ups and downs or other stuff just as if someone had drawn a line through the sky that it followed.

    So when i first saw it, it was pretty far away, it blinked so it look like a candle of light that flickers as wind blows on it.
    Eventually when it got closer my jaw literally dropped right to the floor. I could see it sort of from the side but still could not see any particular shape but what i could see was a "light-show", the thing lit up in blue, red, yellow, you name it in very fast sequences and it was very centered as the outer "corona" of it stayed yellow.

    I had my Iphone in the pocket but i was completely baffled by what i saw that i just did not had time to react before it had passed by the balcony.

    This might sound silly for someone else but my two friends saw it, none of them had any idea what it was and looked pretty non-caring as the first friend took a quick peak then went in and continued to play COD :)
    The other friend stood there with me for a few seconds as it passed by then we both went in and just continued playing and eating some great food.

    I had my ideas as to what it might be like a kids toy or some kind of chinese light-thing they send up in the air on new years eve etc but there was no sound at all, the way it moved through the air looked more like hovering then actual flying. And i could not even see the shape of the thing, it was pure light and nothing else.

    Far away it flickered like a candle, when it was closer it was a yellow light and when it passed by i could see in the center of this light-corona a bunch of different colors at a rapid pace.

    Feel free to discuss, i would like to get some ideas on what it might be because right now i´m quite baffled by the whole incident.

    P.S. this is not a joke or some new years eve trick :) I have no idea what it was and i don´t claim it to be of Alien descent
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  2. You maybe saw someones remote controlled multicopter/drone with LED lights,or......you have some nice cigarettes imported from Amsterdam.
  3. Here´s the direction it went, blue dot is the balcony and red line is the trajectory of the object.

  4. Yea i thought about it being a kids toy like a chopper or some other stuff but it was dead silent, had no shape at all, just pure light.
    And the trajectory of it was rock solid, with a chopper of any kind you would expect the trajectory to fluctuate some, especially if it´s a kid that steers it.

    The thing that really got me was the light thing. I could not see any shape, just light. Very odd to say the least.
  5. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    It could be one of these light cubes used on the new year eve. They are squared, and have a light inside. Which you fire on with this stick. (No idea how that would be in good English). And because of its squared it works like a hot air balloon. But, I don't know if the light is powerful enough to hide the shape.
  6. Well remote controlled aircraft is my other main hobby for many years,and i can assure you modern technology has made it possible for unbelievably stable and smooth flying,also they can be almost fully autonomous with the aid of Google Earth and user defined waypoints,and they dont have to be too far away from you to be almost silent,same applies to the lighting,just a little distance away in the dark night and there is no real definable shape,just lovely light patterns.
  7. Do you have any images of this that i could look at?

    That´s the thing, the light was not even powerful. Not like when you look straight at the sun or a flashlight.
    The light was warm and mellow which is strange because the shape of the object would be visible then.

    To me it looked like a piece of light in the sky. Very strange ;) but very cool, would love to find out what it might be.

    Do you have anything you could show me? The object was actually closer then one might think and the light was not powerful in any way, just a mellow light with the other light in the centre switching colours rapidly.

    The area it flew over was also well lit up with all kinds of different light sources but this one stood out pretty remarkably.

    It must be some high tech latest thing if it was a remote controlled object.
  8. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    Can't find a picture atm.. :(
  9. Really pissed that i did not start filming this. It would have changed the discussion here i believe :)
  10. Btw, i got a "Your´e awesome award" WTH? :)
  11. I got it too :) I think its because we are awesome :)
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  12. As a UFO skeptic your story interest me and with your description of the object I would suggest you to file a report here: http://www.ufo.se/
    Don't worry, these guys are skeptics like me and not tinfoil hats if you know what I mean.
    They have investigated many cases and 99% were explainable.

    Usually during New Years Eve it is not uncommon that there are mass sightings of UFO's but most of them are explainable.
    Such as when the rice balloons were new they were reported in as strange lights: http://www.ufo.se/information/misstolkningar/ufoballonger2.shtml (in Swedish only, sry use google)
  13. Made my day Ondrej :)

    Will do :) I´m swedish myself so the page works for me :)

    Read some of the quotes from articles and they mention several things that you could say i discovered aswell but i´m not entirely sure it was a "ufo-baloon" due to the colors, i´m so pissed off that i did not atleast take a picture but i know for sure that inside this bigger light there was this smaller light that changed color all the time.

    I feel like an idiot for even talking about a subject like this as i never been in this position where i can´t understand what i saw :)
    Anyway i will file a report there and see what they have to say, thanks for the link!
  14. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    Yeah, this is what I meant. :)
  15. I figured you ment one of those, that i can almost say for sure it wasn´t.

    Those have to be relatively far away to only be visible as a light and nothing else. Especially when the light is in the lantern itself.
    Remember, this was just across the street and then very close as you can see on the map there.
    And it was relatively big, maybe one cubic meter or slightly more.

    And that friggin light that pulsated in different colors. Anyway, i filed a report now so hopefully they can help me with this :)

    I´ll see if i can create something in photoshop that resembles what i saw.
  16. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Lol that was me with my Tie-Fighter, sorry for scaring you :D
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