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I Need some pro pointers here :)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Norwegian Racer, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Greetings fellow racing fans.
    I am not new to racing games. I have mostly all ColinMcrae rally games in my collection. But I wanted to step it up a notch in the speed departement, and bought F1 2011. And compared to my favorite rally games, this game knocks the ball right out of the park. It`s so fast, and hard, and I am just back to beeing a super noob. I thought my rally experience would help me out somewhat, but man was I wrong.
    The only assist I use is driving lane in the corners, so I can easyer learn the breaking spots and the best lane through the corners. I was way optimistic and pumped AI to pro when I started, thinking I`m going to show them good. Short story, they show me how the race start looks from pos 24. So now the AI is at beginner, but still I can only qualify in the mid field.
    The team I race for is Hispania. The reason for this is that they have low hopes for me :) (But they are still not very happy with me, and I fear I soon will get fired, if that is possible in this game :rolleyes:)
    I`m using my trusted old G25 racing wheel, and I allso tweeked my wheel settings from one forum post here, witch helped quite a bit. I download the force fix, and another camera mod, to fix the bad FOV. I`m allso using car setups from this forum, and that is very helpful. But still I am not in the run for eaven a top 10 starting position.
    I watch some youtube videos from this dude. http://www.youtube.com/user/Cadmuss And he is just up there every race, every round, and beeing very competative all the time. With legend AI and no assists. Lots of respect :) And my driving style and driving lane is not to far from his, I offcourse makes some bad mistakes now and again and loose some time, but still I should be higher up I think :) I dont get it.
    So now I`m pretty desperate here. Nothing I do seems to help at all. And I need some pointers on what to do next, badly. I love the game, it`s fun and adictive as hell, but I`m getting a bit frustrated at this point. Cause I want to fight for atleast podiums :)
    So how do you guys do it? Why aingt my car any faster? Why do i suck this bad? :)
  2. Steve's videos were for 2010... that game handled differently and the levels the cars were on weren't so far apart. HRT is the worst car in F1, hands down. I would suggest using the Force India if you want to be racing at some level. Still, don't expect to be competing for wins unless you practice to the point you are alien fast. If you want to compete for wins right off the bat, I suggest running some grand prix mode races and using either the Red Bull or McLaren with the AI adjusted to suit you.
  3. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Welcome to the tarmac Norweigian racer.
    If F1 style racing is quite new to you and your rallying roots you may get some benefit from reading the Advanced Drivers Guide on F1 2010. Its based on the old game and is yet to be updated but the key sections (technique, setup process)remain valid.

  4. Thanks guys.
    I restarted my career with the Force india, and won australia with 1.35 min:) Well, on rookie that is. So basicly I have the speed with my new car, and need to up the AI for some more close racing. So I guess the other car in my previous career was totally crap:). So thanks for the tip Eric.
    But in my qualifying something strange happend. It was heavy rain, I was in pole position when it was just a little over three mins left. Then it suddenly ended qualifying, and I was pos 24. Is this a bug? (I was in my car in the garage. I diddent speed up things with F2) I run short racing weekend, with 50% distance. Not sure if that means anything, but only mention it :)
    Thanks David. I will check it out for sure. :)
  5. in reply to your post, www.formula1.com/video/onboard/ was a big help specific the hot laps on the different tracks watched and i changed my setup accordingly, and there track guide is top notch also says what gear corners should be taken all you have to do is practice and practice and practice some more. I am not the fastest i dont claim to be and i wouldnt want to be the way the game is atm, and remember you are driving for hispania if memory serves they didnt even get into the 107% margin in melbourne so they didnt race. Also the lower tear cars lotus, virgin and HRT do not have kers for the first half of the season or the whole season cant remember.
  6. I'm a rally man too lad! First thing I learned with F1 2011 is throttle control, planting the throttle will tear your tyres to bits (I had to do 5 stops in Melbourne), and be as smooth as you can possibly be. When I was playing the CMR games, I was always dogging the car, driving as hard as I knew all the time. I'm in a Hispania, 4th in Valencia being my best. Had to drive my ass off though!
  7. @Norwegian Racer If you qualified in wet then it's possible that a dry line appeared and the AI set laps on prime or option tires

    I've noticed that they can push intermediates a lot more than we can as well as switching to dry tires before they should

    Overall they are just too good in drying conditions IMO
  8. Yeah, that was the first thing I thought as well. But with only just over three mins left, I thought it was to little time for them to finnish with a tyre change that late in the qualifying. And it was pouring down when I hit my garage.
    EDIT: I know now what happend. For a reason I dont understand at all, I got disqualified totally out out of nowhere. I had no warnings, and ran a clean qualifying. I just went to the garage at the end of the q, and since it was only three mins left, I waited in me car. And got disqualified.:rolleyes:
    And allso I was wondering about those intermediates. When it is raining really hard, and I put on wet tyres, my engineer allway says that intermediates is the better option. So I listen to him change again, and I am just all over the place, sliding everywhere. My engineer have a unhealthy fetish about those tyres...
    One more thing I have notised. I can visually see the tyres getting worn, but when I bring up the car info, they are alle still green. I thought they should be turning red or something, when worn out that bad. For the record I use a tyre improove mod, it only improove the worn look, so it`s only eye candy. Is this a bug in 2011?

    Thanks for the answers guys. I appreciate the links, and the help.
  9. @Norwegian Racer I haven't encountered that penalty/bug yet, that's very odd indeed.

    Also try pressing the car status button one more time xD

    It's a 3 part info screen so 1 press is tire/brake/engine temperature, 1 more press is for car condition, including tires and body work. this is what turns red with wear.

    the last page of it is super useful, it shows how much fuel you have remaining, what fuel setting you're on, your next scheduled pit stop, and where you can expect to rejoin if you go into the pit.