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I need help with car setup - Splitter & wing

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by huskystafford, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. huskystafford


    Hi all. I am trying to make my first car setup and I am having fun with tweaking. But... :D I am following guide: SETUP GUIDE FOR GTR2 : SETUP YOUR CAR IN 21 STEPS

    And i run to my first problem :)

    This is from this guide.


    I am trying to setup formula reizo and I dont have Splitter setting in my garage. I got front and rear wing, but I don't have clue what front wing do to car handling.

    Any help would be appreciated :)
  2. s2173


    Front wing presses the front tyres down, so, more grip, so, more oversteer. Increase front wing for oversteer and decrease for understeer. Opposite for rear wing. That is balancing act: you want wings on the low side on fast tracks, so they don't decrease your speed, and on the high side for twisty tracks, so you have speed in corners. Then you dial in as much oversteer/understeer as you want... I usually set them equal at start and then decrease front or rear if needed.
  3. xnorb


    The splitter is just the "front wing" on your closed-wheelers.

    Addition to James' post and to make it more fun:
    No matter what you change, it will always also affect the rest of the car.
    More wings? Might need to alter Ride height and with that maybe also the suspension.... ;)

    But be aware! There's nothing like the perfect setup.
    No matter how fast a guy is with a certain setup, if it doesn't fit your driving style, then this setup will simply not work for you.

    First you need to find your driving style, and the adjust the car to support that.
    Like it's always said: If you can't lay down consistent lap times, then you don't need to work on your setup, but on your track knowledge and driving skills.
    You will not be able to notice setup changes (even drastic ones as i have figured out for myself) if you aren't really familiar with the car and track.

    Another guide often mentioned here at RD:
  4. huskystafford


    Than you s2173 and xnorb for your help. This was data which I needed. Now I can complete my setup :)
    I need to copy your answers and put it on pdf, so I can store your answers on my backup drive. I do not wont to lose this. :)
    Now I can work on my setup and I am not clueless, what I am doing.
    I am preparing Formula Reizo for Austrian ring historic.

    xnorb I noticed what are you saying about other people setups. I did download one setup from forum and I try it for a few laps. Every corner was mine. I mean wall, not corner :D

    You guys were great help and I thank you very much for it.

    I'm not native english speaker, so if you need Enigma, let me know :)

  5. P*Funk


    The one thing I'd say is that F1 cars are possibly the worst creatures to learn set up art on because they're extremely sensitive to changes in wing. The notion of every change affecting another is exaggerated in the F1 car because of its extreme downforce and the way the suspension is tuned directly to the downforce and how much downforce changes at speed.

    Now you are in luck because Reiza did produce technical documentation for setting up this specific car and helping to understand the notion of heave suspension which I think is real black art.

  6. huskystafford


    thank you P*Funk for this link. It is quite a challenge to set up a car and I enjoy it very much :) I think I found new occupation for this winter.

    Still trying to figure it out,where to get motec telemetry in english language.