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I lost my key - help

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Fergus O'Daly, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. I recently reinstalled windows and wanted to reinstall GSC 2012.
    I had originally bought GSC 2011. I thought I had saved the email containing my key, but I can't seem to find the the old email anywhere. How would I go about retrieving my old key?
  2. I recently had the same issue. All you need to do is message Reiza through the GSC site and ask them to resend you the code.
  3. I'll try that now. Thanks.
  4. I still haven't heard back from them yet.
  5. Give It some time, a day or two maybe, but they should get back to you.
  6. The never sent it ever. But I found an old document I saved that contained a bunch of old keys including my old GSC 2011 key, so everything is cool now.
  7. Shame on them for not getting back to you but I'm glad you found your key bro.
  8. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Hi Fergus,

    Firstly our apologies for not spotting your request sooner.

    If you havent got a reply from sales@reizastudios.com please send us a PM here.
  9. Reiza Studios sent an e-mail and PM :) Same issue from my side and burning to race with the guys.
    Hope to hear from you soon :thumbsup:
  10. Richard Pittam

    Richard Pittam

    I've emailed them 3 (maybe 4) times in the last few weeks posted on their RD page but still haven't had any luck. I've got FTruck to keep me occupied but I need my fix of GSC. C'mon Reiza please, reactivate my serial number!
  11. Richard Pittam

    Richard Pittam

    I'm actually starting to get a little annoyed with this now. I understand why activation limits are used and for a small company like Reiza, accept it, but when because of either the PC going bad or me forgetting to de-activate the serial number I get locked out and Reiza don't respond to a support request. That's not on.
    I love Reiza and the hard work they do but they can't find a couple of minutes of clicking to get us back in the game!
    I will buy everything you guys release because I trust the dedication and diligence to your work but, this is one sour apple.
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  12. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Hi Richard, sorry for missing your previous message.

    I can´t seem to locate your email to sales@reizastudios.com , but I did find a GSC purchase in your name with a expired Serial Number and renewed it.

    We certainly dont intend to make this process more difficult than it should be, and we do realise we need to improve our efficiency in the very near future. If however you do not get an answer from sales@reizastudios.com within 48h, PM me in the forum with your purchase details and we´ll sort it out for you.
  13. Richard Pittam

    Richard Pittam

    Thanks so much for doing this for me. I sent the email to support@reiza.com.
    Again, thanks.