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I just pre-ordered my standard GT5..

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Johan Top, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Didn't want to pay something like €30-40 extra for a special version..

    1 X Gran Turismo 5 - Playstation 3 Nog niet verzonden €52,95
    1 X Korting Addiscount met coupon xxxx €-5,29
    Totaal € 47,66

    Hope to get it here on the 3rd of November but we'll see. i wonder whether some people here will buy a collectors edition?
  2. I think I might go with the pack inbetween the standard and signature collectors edition. It's £59.99 and has a 200 page strategy guide as well as the usual bonus cars. Haven't quite made my mind up, may just buy the standard version.
  3. I ordered my signature edition about 2 weeks ago from gameplay.co.uk. Each to their own, of course, but I have started to collect many Gran Turismo themed items since my GT Academy day, I have an alarm clock, Cap, Car fresheners, key fob and other bits and bobs. The signature edition is just so I can keep my collection going :D

  4. I pre-ordered the collector edition as it comes with a book and little car and other stuff.
  5. I pre-ordered the 'Collectors Edition' on Amazon for £59.99, its the one with the 200 page strategy guide and 'ChromeLine' car pack.
  6. I had it on preorder from June, but right before F1 2010 came out. I cancelled the PS3 preorder of F1 2010 and transfered the money to GT5. Then purchased F1 2010 off Steam for $35. I'm so glad with the bugs and mods for PC.
  7. I'm waiting for a bundle. Or better still scan through my local Craigslist and buy a (slim) PS3 and on the day the game is release, go to the midnight launch and get myself a copy. If I can afford the CE, I will. Other than iRacing which I occasionally play (when I can afford the subscription), GT is the only console game I play. Last year I had to sell my PS3 but I did spend almost 2 years with GT5 Prologue.
  8. I cancelled my standard version and bought the collectors edition for €79 incl shipping.. :x Silly me :p
  9. The collectors edition is great but it's just that: a collectors edition. The toys included are often not very functional and the novelty wears off quickly I think.
  10. I like such books about automotive industry and about the game :). Also the extra cars and XMB-theme aint bad.
    Did you know you got a 300 page book with NASCAR 3? That was also a gimmick I really loved, just like the 150-200 page book you got with Sports car GT. Especially all the tuning tips of both books (Nascar3 and SCGT) have helped me later with GTL, GTR2, GTR Evo, Race Pro, LFS etc :).
  11. I just hope my CE arrives at my friend's place before 20th Dec else it'll have to be shipped from the US (donno when) x_x
  12. It sounds like the making sure GT5 ran on firmware 3.50 and actually required users to update to 3.50 as part of Sony's fight against the pirates was the delay. I'm hoping it will be before Christmas, if its not I'm sure Sony will be kicking themselves if they miss this crucial holiday period. I think it might only be a few weeks delay and we'll see it either late Nov or early Dec.
  13. The sad problem, they will never be able to completely stop it. I am glad that they are trying to make it harder!
  14. People are always going to try, its a shame that the hackers activities have meant Sony has puleld the 'Other O/S' support from the PS3. It may only have affected a small number of users but it was a feature that small number used. The PS3 has held up pretty well so far, much better than the 360 fared. It will likely happen at some point, perhaps when Sony is making a better profit on the hardware and feel their attachment rates are sufficient enough to not waste so much time and money with this perpetual fight.
  15. And this Jailbreak thing had to happen now (I mean a coupla months before)? Damn :(
  16. Hey, Johan, from which site did you order it? :)

    I want to have the collectors edition too, with the book
  17. Hey all, just ordered the standard edition from play.com with the exclusive stealth model car pack not exactly sure what this is but sure sounds good ;) for £37.99 hopefully see some of you on track.
  18. I've pre-ordered the collectors edition aswell. somehow I found €180 for the Signature Edition a bit to steep since us dutchies can't participate in the SLS give-away. And to pay double the amount for just an extra book, a wallet and a nicer modelcar was just a bit to much.