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I just discovered....

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Keith Gregg, May 1, 2017.

  1. Keith Gregg

    Keith Gregg

    ...whilst practicing for tonights event, that I cant drift for **** lol....If any of you drift gurus have any words of advice for a drift n00b on handling my Ford Escort around Brands then they would be very much appreciated :)
    Many thanks
  2. Mr Deap

    Mr Deap

    When you exit the corner, don't tail out at the exit. The only time you tail out is when you do a pendulum(inertia) drift thing. Basically you steer back at the apex when you slide at the entry.

    Beginner think you use the handbrake at the apex, but in reality you use the handbrake even before the entry.

    Start to watch at 4:40 & look at the front wheel at the entry.

    There's no turn in motion, just the tail sliding at the entry & when you're in parallel to the apex you steer back to not allow the tail to stick out at the exit.
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  3. RasmusP

    AC Stuff and G27 help Staff Premium

    Another advice from drift noob to drift noob:
    Get the skid pad mod track! Just did 30 minutes in the BMW e30 drift and now I have a much better feeling of the car and drifting in general! Just try to slide as long as you can, different speeds, angles, radius :)