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I have to say i had the most gentleman like race

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by George Mastrokostas, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. It was in a public server but there were a lot of RD members in that track.

    Race1 was very tight. A lot of cars packed together and we were careful enough (with out being slow like turtles) not to knock each other out.

    Race2 however I kind of push hard and I bumped the guy in front of me :(. And we had such a great start. Anyway, I quit the 2nd race after my boo boo.

    Just wanted to say, keep up the gentleman like attitude.
    To me is the most important part of the game.
    With out that, I would not even bother with the game.
  2. that was me you bumped. I've raced before with you and I know how good of a racer you are and clean as well. It was a racing incident.
    I was slowing down more than usual because the guys ahead of me started bumping each other slowing them down.
    It happens.
  3. Good public server races to happen :)

    Two that come to mind is 3 cars nose to tail for 5 laps at Magny Cours National, and side by side with another driver for a whole lap of Estoril. I'm gutted that on both occasions the replays didn't save.
  4. Hey Monan!! How are you bro? I will also admit that Evo public races have exceeded expectations vs good ole GTR2. I find the drivers more curteous and I see a lot less of the goofing off and crashing everyone's race.
  5. Hey keener, doing fine over here. I've had good races and bad ones on Public servers on EVO.
    I reckon the reason why the racing might be cleaner is because the game is still new so the people who have it right now are more of the serious type sim racers and not the drive backwards and ram you and give you a "lol" type players that seemed to always pop up on a monza track in GTR2.
  6. Haven't raced online yet, still waiting for a G25 to turn up. I'm hoping the public servers aren't as bad as the GRID servers I've been on. Bleugh!
  7. Don't hold too many hopes IMO they are the same across platforms

  8. There are indeed still nice races going on on public servers , I m fairly new to GTR Evo and have no exp. on that online yet , but i drive Megane cup alot in Rfactor , and i have lots of fun driving that class.

    Gtr2 was going very bad though last time i raced that online.
  9. im very new to this online racing and was expecting to see ppl driving the wrong way but its been rele good... except i keep gettin my ass wooped lol!!
  10. i mostly drive on public servers and i think its getting better online.
    the only thing i dis like is the fact that when guys are not in the top 3 of a race they drop out the race and join another server.

    ps and i dont have many passwords to closed servers only RD server:pout:
  11. I've also had many good races with lots of fair drivers! There were some accidents though, but I was able to avoid them, thx to my awareness!
  12. I agree that lots of peeps step out if there not in a good position , however the most fun driving / battle is often a little furter back in the field.
  13. I dont even bother racing the AI anymore.
  14. As a Premium Racing Club Member, you are able to join any of our Racing Club Events, they are on most days.
    The links to the passwords are supplied with each of the sign-up posts. Have you checked the events in the Racing Club Forum?
  15. Hey Monan.
    I did not see your reply. Thanks man. :)
  16. So nice when it happens, no matter winning or loosing, Fair Racing is the most valuable thing. That's how I see it.
    You respect and get respected, you give joy - you take joy. And really, it makes you feel important and thankful.
  17. I've had several great races on the public servers over the past couple of days. Side by side racing with no touching and great quality drivers all through the field. It's what I like to see on public servers.
  18. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    Can you point me in the direction of some good public servers please
  19. Not really, I just hop on any of them and wish for good luck. TBH I can't even remember the names of the servers I've raced on.

  20. I've found watching the replys of the race very interesting. I was shunted from behind going into the first corner at brands and broke my suspension, my initial reation to who I THOUGHT did it is best not repeated as I was doing so well (for me anyways):wink: but after studying the replay (which is saved automatically) I saw that the incident was caused by someone else and I was collected as result of someone else's misfortune. I've made it a habit now to watch and learn from the replays, not only accidents but race ettiquette/racing lines and good close races. The missus thinks I'm bonkers and regularary pops her head around the door to see what I'm laughing at :thumb: