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I have to give the Reiza team a big praise.....

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jeff Huber, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. About a week ago I downloaded rFactor 2 , and it is a kick ass sim for sure. I've played AC , but for some reason that sim just feels more " Arcade-ish" ? Can't come to grips with that one. iracing , I do dig that sim a lot , but I don't know what it is , maybe lack of Ai , lack of having community mods thrown in , I'm not sure what it is , I just can't come to grips with it.

    So a few days ago I picked up a big ol' 34" monitor. An Acer 34" XR34CK , because I wanted a bigger view of my racing sims. It uses " Freesync " , but I can't. Because I'm using two older AMD 7970's in crossfire and those cards don't support FreeSync.

    To be fair , I haven't tried AC yet in crossfire or on this new monitor , but it wouldn't matter how pretty it is , because it'll still feel like an arcade game to me. RF2 , I love it , but if I'm going to get better frame rates I need a better single card solution. It hates crossfire and it actually runs like crap on it compared to a single card. ( And actually GSCE hates it too! )

    Here comes the big praise part.....

    I run GSCE , with everything maxxed out , at 3440 X 1440 , with one freakin' 7970! It stays at a constant 75mz refresh rate except for when I'm leaving the pits. Gets down to about 55 - 60fps during the pit exit. I don't get that, at all! Why? Because GSCE is running on the old ISI engine and RF2 is running on the new game engine , and for some reason GSCE looks better and runs super smooth! Looks better , with waaaayyy better frame rates!

    Bottom line....If I want to run RF2 with everything maxxed out , I'll have to get myself a better video card. GSCE doesn't need it!

    The way this thing runs , the amount of work Reiza put in , the amount of faithful modders in here ( btw , thank you modder for everything you have put into this sim! )......how in the hell can anyone find happiness in any other sim? That includes iracing , and AC. And with RF2 , I'm not done with that one , it's a great sim , but damn it doesn't perform near as well as GSCE!

    I also see a stronger modding community here than any where else. But without a great platform / game to use it in , it would be worthless. This is the best damn sim ever! period!

    Sorry for the long rant , it';s just after using all these sims , I still can't find one that is a better overall package than Game Stockcar extreme.
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  2. How can't you run rF2 on max with a card like this? :confused:
    Edit: nevermind... seen the resolution now. That's a great card tho, running smaller res won't be any bad
    But with a monitor this big I'd rather run 3440 x 900 resolution then your card should handle it fine amd would give a nice FOV ;)
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  3. I am suffering in RF2 at the moment at that resolution. I just thought it was pretty cool that I can run GSCE at maxxed and at 75mz and it looks awesome. Visually I don't see much of a difference between the two sims , but for some reason RF2 is kicking the crap out of my single 7970. It actually seems to run worse when I'm running crossfire , but then again , so does GSCE.
  4. SCE is a magical little sim. Its about 90% of the way there on all aspects. Its probably not the best in any one area (maybe netcode), but it all adds up to a great package. The fact that it runs so well and features graphics close enough to new gen to be very immersive, and solid FFB and tons of content makes it a must-have in my opinion. I haven't played rF1 or GTR2 since I got SCE, and have very little drawing me back to AC and rF2.

    I only have rF1 installed to run in an R2P series, but I am suggesting they convert, it would be an easy transition for a long-time rF group.

    One thing I ask of Reiza: a pCars-type career linking all their wonderful series!!!
  5. Imo, SCE is the best combo of physics and FFB, and as a result, offers incredible feel and allows the pilot to control the vehicle beautifully.
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  6. Esotic

    Premium Member

    Sometimes I wish all those folks that jumped on the ac bandwagon would have adopted sce instead. The only thing this sim is missing is more racers. :p
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  7. I think that's the deal with most sims and leagues these days. I just the conversation with my favorite league's admins. Grid sizes are 1/2 what they were, but still very good by R2P standards.

    Simracing needs a champion to focus drivers and leagues. PS4's got GT, XBONE's got FM, PC's got...you name it! I run everything from GTR2 to LFS to pCars. It was a lot simpler when it was rF and iRacing. All you had to decide on was the mod.
  8. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Don't we all?
    Good, maybe not everybody owns AC or PC, but all the others are basically free if you just wait for a bundle or a Steam sale and GSCE, well, if you still buy in in the indiegogo campaign, especially bundled with FTruck and the upcoming title the price is insanely low.
    rF2 was now 38€ including lifetime MP and has that image of the "don't go there, too pro" sim, but anyways, people are used to the 60-110€ price tag already, so simracing is a damn cheap hobby once you covered the input device.

    Anyways, that's why i thought that during the summer months it would be better to offer less variety in club races because i just assume that most people who join AC races also own GSCE and vice versa :)
  9. Esotic

    Premium Member

    When I look at the online lobbies AC has a lot more going on than SCE (which is a darn shame). Aside from the lack of a photo mode SCE is a better game (did I mention that I love the auto-saving replays?).
  10. xnorb

    Premium Member

  11. I believe more SCE players are not in Steam anyway
    I own GTR2 and AC but I left both, driving only SCE for now and waiting rF2 on Steam but probably won't drive it much.
  12. i would not use steam for sttistics, a lot people have sce without steam ;) i think ac is more played by people who need a fast game while sce is more league used...
  13. Apparently I am in the minority that use SCE on Steam. F12 does the trick for screenies for me.
  14. Well I'm in the same group you are. I have the Steam version of GSCE and also 3 separate installs on two different HD's for multiple mods and tracks haha.

    And I still feel the same way about this sim as the night I created this thread. This sim is incredible. I rtry to push it on different forums and so forth that I visit. Cracks me up when someone tells me that they drive " sims " as well. The rock the hell out of the GRID and CM dirt rally . :rolleyes:
  15. I think Dirt Rally is brilliant, I probably play it the most of any, TBH. I can't tell if its just the physics that turn me on or the whole package (the daily 1 stage rally challenges, the custom championships, 3 disciplines, the team management aspect). The co-driver and pacenotes are awful, and I think everything is too hard (not difficult), causing crazy bouncing. But otherwise I find that very rewarding to drive.

    If my hard drive got wiped, I might only install SCE, DR, and pCars. Make fun of me if you want...