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I have 2 questions for you R3E

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Felice Pugliese, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. hi racers !! thanks to the new MP for RaceRoom I went back to the fun did not happen for a long time, I believe that the various difficulties in MP also help the races to be absent cleaner and fought even though there is the usual idiot that ruins departures. I have a question though about the future development of this game:
    1 - will be provided in the future the use of different tire compounds?
    2-between qualifying and the race, because there is no way to adjust the set up? later be inserted?
    If anyone knows anything about these topics would be happy to know some details, thank you!
  2. tire compounds = yes if the cars have them irl
    in regards to the in race ui i hope they make some changes before introducing fuel and tire ware into there servers as id like to have a seperate qualy and race setup
  3. Thanks for the reply, there is also another answer on another very interesting discussion, I attach here:

    Mark Reynolds
    Sector3 Studios

    Just a quick heads up, ADAC only run one compound (well two actually in a soft front, medium rear, but they are not selectable), I was actually speaking with the reps from Yokohama the other day about compounds as well as other technical specifications , but yes, multiple compounds are being added to classes where it is applicable at some point in the future, other options like fuel loads and more detailed car setup options Should make Their way in as well, realistically I think you will see That Kind of stuff in one of the major updates rather than one of the blackberries frequent minor patches.