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I found the solution to why AI drivers are so slow.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by AprilSwift, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. The devs put the wrong AI to the wrong team and that's the reason why all the ai are so slow.

    You will need to edit the AI drivers and F1 Team to match teh right ID to the right F1 team but make sure you back up your game because changing drivers will delete your save game.

    Vetel and mark will be kings again.

    Stupid DEVs cant even get this right so embarrassing.

    THE AI Drivers ID and F1 TEAM Drivers ID doesn't match up you will need to edit it manually. Cant contact Codemaster to get a patch because they've gone into hiding (pretending someone hacked their website?).

    I've successfully change the driver ID to the right slot in F1 Team database and it didn't corrupt my save game.

    Now Sebastian always come first :) and all the top drivers are always top 6.
  2. Could you post up your edited file in the mod forum? Im interested in giving this ago. Alonso is king in my game, rightfully so =P but Vettel and Weber are usually back of the top 10. Petrov is tuned unusually quickly at times so is Heidfeld.
  3. This is weird, because in my game the top drivers are... on top. Vettel is leading the rankings, followed by Webber, Hamilton, Alonso, Button. Even Massa is ranked 6th.
  4. Well i am glad i fixed mine - tired of my team mate Vetel finishing at 20 - 24 every race.


    Our biggest threat is Alonso he is really fast now.
  5. Top drivers are top in my game as well. Post in the technical section of the CM forums maybe?
  6. i havent had this issue at all either. everyone is pretty much exactly where they should be. something to look into i guess? and maybe helpful for the ai tweaking mods.
  7. i have heard reports of people having this problem and its most noticeable when driving for the top 3/4 teams. i started with williams and Barichello beat me by 2 seconds at Melbourne (we were fighting for 10th lol, lucky bugger) and then the race after that (the name is right on the tip of my tongue but cant think of it) he came 18th and i came 10th.

    lol. seems slightly ironic.
  8. I've checked my DB and you are right! The ID from AI_DRIVER doesn't correspond with the ID from F1DRIVERS_F1TEAMS. It's a mess there. I will edit the DB and hope to see Vettel, Hamilton, Button, Alonso etc in the first places from now on. Thank you for this!
  9. can this be done on PS3?
  10. The IDs actually do line up in the original or my edited db. When you look up the ID in the f1teams table you need to look at the "id" column. Were you perhaps looking at the garage_id column instead?
  11. Here's the original database.bin again in case anyone needlessly messed up theirs.

    Attached Files:

  12. After a second check I've discovered that my DB it's ok. In the F1DRIVERS_F1TEAMS (where the drivers "meet" the teams), the AI_DRIVER values corresponds with the ID's from AI_DRIVER field. The F1DRIVER values corresponds with the ID's from F1DRIVERS field. And the F1TEAM values corresponds with the ID's from F1TEAMS. So, it's ok...
  13. Hello Renneboog,

    can you please put here your DB? I want to compare yours with my DB, because I have Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso and other good drivers in bottom half of the grid. Thanks!
  14. I'll do that. If you can wait 4 hours. :)
  15. ok, I wait you
  16. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    The AI driver speeds are working well in my game. But then I am using the Xbox. maybe you need to change your header AprilSwift to be less condescending to Xbox as it seems to play the game really well.
    Or maybe put one more humourous line about PC users that goes something like:
    "PC is for technocrats that like a broken version so they can work together and try to fix it while looking down on console users"
    -Just to even things up a little.
  17. Oki doki! Thanks for that! ;)
  18. Well after changing my AI Driver ID to correspond to the correct ID on the F1 teams database my game is now functioning properly.

    Vetel, Alonso, Hamilton, Mark Webber, and all the Tier1 Driver now always top 6 in practise, qualifying, and Race.

    I notice changing engine power doesn't do jack :) oh well at least now my team mate Vetel is always in the top 6 and not bottom 3.
  19. I cant upload mine because mine is now heavily modded and it wouldn't be fair for people wanting to play online. I dont play online anymore so mine reflects the heavily modded database.
  20. I chcecked it in my database and everything is OK. In game drivers are where they should be.