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I don't like it anymore

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Bram, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    I don't know what it is but since the 2.0 upgrade the game feels totally ruined for me. The LMS cars, especially the Ford GT, have a griplevel like in iRacing. It suddenly snaps and there is no way you can correct the first or second (2nd!! how often do you see that in real life) slip like you used to.

    Where did all the grip go? iRacing before the upgrade felt like driving real cars to me. Now its like rFactor again ;(

    If there are any G27 users reading please share some information how you setup the wheel as my settings are useless now.
  2. Im only new to it Bram but when I was playing with it I found when the force feedback was set quite high the wheel was too aggressive in correcting itself. I lowered mine to 9 and also the damper to 20 and it felt I could catch slides more often.

    Probably not much use but there ya go :)
  3. The NTM (new tire model) has some issues, especially on Road cars. Lots of chatter in the iR forums (and here). Staff response over there hasn't been great, but Tony (iR staff) has made a couple of posts about known issues and what they are working on. There is supposedly a minor build coming out mid-week.

    I keep my FFB at a 2, usually with no damper. The GT does feed back more than other cars, not sure why the difference (no IRL comparison, unfortunately). I will say that the grip gets better after a few laps. I tried all 3 cars for todays club race (GT, C6R, and HPD ARX) and still like the feedback 'feel' of the C6R, with the old tire model, the best.
  4. well Ford GT is a killer in combo with Silverstone, specially those very slow turns, for everybody

    try car on Watkins, Mid Ohio, Road America, it is a dream come true

    my settings:

    107 logi profiler
    all else 0
    900 degrees

    1.0 FFB strenght in sim options (but caster in setups always max or near that)

    car itself and tires have tons of grip, only problem is that it is understeering like hell, keep front arb at 5 (max) always
  5. Before iRacing 2.0 the damper setting for FFB was hard coded to around 75, when iRacing 2.0 released they made it adjustable but a mistake happened and it defaulted to 0. I thought the Honda LMS felt a little odd but after setting the damper to 30 with my old FFB strength setting of 20 and it feels a lot better with more feedback through the wheel. Apart from that I think the new tyre model feels fantastic, the trucks feel more stable and last Sundays race was a blast with 3 wide battles around Charlotte. The tyres take a lot to get up to temperature, the HPD gives you real time info on tyre temps and you quickly realise how much you lose even on that first out lap and it takes time to build that back up.
  6. but also take notice that if you had before 0 damper in Logi profiler, nothing has changed with this build...
  7. Ah yes sorry I'm using a Fanatec wheel, should have made that clear, I guess this is why they have rolled out a few cars at a time to get the tyre model dialed in on each one, the Nationwide was updated from the original release so perhaps these cars will if needed.
  8. not to forget Bram, have you "falsly" calibrated your wheel to 400-600 degrees?
    out of the box steering is way to sensitive, believe they will fix it in next week "patch"
  9. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    I am on 900 degrees
  10. try this,

    -go to calibration in sim, when it ask you to turn wheel 90 degrees you put it to 180 instead and everything else as asked, day and night difference

    btw b4 that check use custom controls for this car if it is not already checked
  11. I've noticed every time I launch the sim I have to re-calibrate my pedals. If I don't, my brake sensitivity is extremely high and I lock up instantly and skid off track.

    Any of you guys experience the same?
  12. Haven't run into that myself, Saul (clubsports w/G27 wheel)
  13. Yep I have the same problem.
  14. I do too, Saul.
  15. Here's a thread that I found in the iRacing forums regarding Braking/Locking up Problems with G25/G27 pedals as some not all were having problems with this.

    Within that thread, one of the iRacing staff, David Tucker posted:

    "The Logitech pedals loose there calibration the first time you plug them in (or reboot). You have to fully depress all the pedals once in order to dial them in. This is a flaw in there driver and out of our hands. "

    I have a G27 and CSPs like Eric and do not have this problem. Hope that thread helps.
  16. Thank you Will (hits the like button?)
  17. Interesting, thanks for digging that up Will. It's a pretty minor issue really. I just need to remember to quickly recalibrate my pedals before hoping on the grid for a race! LOL.
  18. funny i dont have this problem all the time only sometimes.
  19. no need to recalibrate it, first time after PC reboot/turning on, when you enter session and sitting in pit or griding just fully press and depress all pedals
  20. Haven't tried the new tyres but if you prefer the old tyres you don't know much about real tyres, they will get it right eventually.