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I don't get it! (all the complaining)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Dion Button, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Allot of people are complaining about F1-2011 allot of these "complainers" are even saying that F1-2010 was better!
    I know there are a few bugs to be looked at, but from my experience none to big to say F1-2010 was better.
    The only real big bug that should be taken care of is the corrupt savegame (which is really easy to avoid and if its corrupt its real easy to fix it and still have your savegame).

    This game is better and more difficult then F1-2010. For example the handling of the cars, the cars are less stable (in a good way) you can now really feel that the tires are worn out, and as for the cars power and overall performance its as rael as you can make it. in a Lotus/HRT/Virgin i just can't get any higher then 16th, most of the time i get lapped by the top drivers and when I drive with a team like Williams, I can get in the top 10 but i really need to defend my posistion hard on the straights because the other cars (Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes etc.) are faster in a straight line.

    I consider my self a Semi-Pro Sim-racer and i have a real good time playing this game and play without any aids and legend difficulty with Force-India (in Career) and I am i 12th place right now (so, not too bad as my objective is 15th at the end of the season) and I still find my self spinning up the rear tires when exiting a corner.

    All in all I think F1-2011 has improved very very much over F1-2010, still has some minor points to work on, but it is, besides rFactor, the best (semi)* Sim-racing game I ever played.

    *I know F1-2011 is not fully a sim (Like rFactor or iRacing)
  2. Amen to that.

    Well said, F1 2011 is not a full sim and people need to not compare it to other titles, CM has never intended on this being a sim, their intentions are for fun racing games.
  3. Totally agree! my only annoyance with it is racing online in non Racedepartment organised races, tried a few few times and in every race someone is either ramming or ghosting. Hence what made me sign up on here!! :)
  4. Set springs to 11/11 and then see how unstable the car is...

    The game came out with a lot of bugs, of which some are game braking and some simply annoying. It's amazing how some of the stuff managed to pass beta testing since it was discovered within 48 hours of NA game launch.

    Nobody is claiming that the general idea of 2011 is bad, without the bugs it would be a near-perfect game (for sim/arcade mix). But - the bugs are here. And there's a ton of them.

    P.S. I noticed your post is entirely about Single Player, what about MP? For a lot of players MP is main aspect of the game, not racing vs buggy bots. ;)
  5. yeah, forgot to mention that one :)
    But apart from those 2 bugs, I haven't experienced any weird other bugs

    As for MP I've been doing allot of career and haven't done much races in MP, but in general i get good impressions of it. Only thing I don't like are the crashers/cheaters and the bug exploiters.
    If u'r in a MP race with good, normal driving player its great fun!
    Haven't seen any MP-specific bugs.
  6. I've never driven a real F1 car, so I wouldn't know if it's as real as you can make it, have you?

    I've also seen plenty of people complaining and criticizing F1 2011, including myself, but I haven't seen anyone say that F1 2010 is better. I'm also happy for you that your game works without lots of bugs, but mine doesn't and I'm not the only one. Either way I don't think it is fair to criticize "complainers" as you call us because our games are full of bugs, any more than it's fair for us to criticize someone who's game works perfectly for them.
  7. The AI do not try to overtake you. That is the game breaker in single player mode.
    The challenge is fantastic getting your car around the track and challenging drivers in front of you (provided you mod the AI aggression so they actually try and defend their positions from your overtaking move and also if you increase the car damage so you can't bump your way past the guys ahead) - that is really exciting and overall the game is miles better but you can effectively park your car on the racing line and driver around at 30mph and the guys behind won't overtake or even try to overtake you. That is the real problem and it makes single player almost unplayable. It is definitely not rewarding to win a race by qualifying 1st (because the AI cars have simulated lap times 2 seconds slower than they should be when the times are not accelerated. After getting Q1 in every race you go to the race where the AI are 2 seconds a lap quicker than you but you create a queue of patient Sunday drivers behind you who won't make a serious challenge to overtake you.

    Only the excellent modders on this forum could save this game breaking problem (I hope)
  8. I think this game has very few bugs compared to other games. Did anybody here play battlefield 2, now thats a game that had bugs and then got patched so much EA/Dice broke the game.

    Ive playing games for years so Im used to bugs.

  9. I'm not sure why people keep saying this. It completely discredits any other genuine problems they have with the game because they show themselves up as someone who exaggerates problems at best, or makes stuff up at worst.

    I'm not saying the AI is great. It definitely isn't. But I've seen numerous people saying the AI won't over take you if you stay on the racing line which is simply not true. On a straight, if the car behind is faster, the AI will absolutely 100% try and over take you. Not aggressively enough sometimes, but that's very different to saying won't pass you. If you're nearing a turn, they will back off so they don't enter the turn taking the wrong, slower line. This happens in real F1. I can only assume these people are lying to further their agenda against the game, or are doing multiple blocking moves which are illegal in F1.

    It's a myth which is getting repeated more and more in an attempt to make it fact.
  10. On some tracks AI is fine, aggressive in overtaking and you really have to struggle for position. But on some they really won't pass you, unless you move off the track.
  11. I noticed the same thing, it's amazing how aggressive they can be at times.
  12. i dont know but actualy they do overtake me all the time.
    im constantly fighting my way trough a lap.
    overtaking petrov in sector 1 and 2, he overtakes me on the straight's several times so i think its a fair deal, nice fights atleast on legend
    its good the way it is, the AI is carefull with overtaking they want to be in the points.
    these days it is all abouth traction and the speed u take out of a corner.
    if u are a better driver the lead have to let u pass he can only make himself big by driving in the middle.
    he isnt allowed to go left, right, left and back to the race line.
    in real life u would get a penalty for illigal blocking? like schumacher almost got on monza this year.
  13. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Overall so far I have had no real issues with the AI but they do exhibit some odd behaviour at times. I had Button stay behind me in Malaysia at one point even when I was crawling round the lap with a puncture and he even wouldn't go past when I parked on the grass for a while. However, they have also made some good overtaking moves on me as well. Overall so far they have been pretty good.

    However, there are other more serious problems which I have encountered online... crazy penalties, penalties having to be taken twice, safety car problems, odd AI behaviour in the wet.. these things are a real problem for serious online play.
  14. This is not my video. The guy who loaded this was trying to show how he made AI more aggressive (I think). Anyway look at the period 6:17 to 6:25

    This is typical of what happens.

    Note that the Ferrari (player) runs wide and effectively OFF the racing line. The Red Bull behind tentatively slows and then 'passes'. Three other cars do the same thing at the same point and the Ferrari has time to do a 3 point turn, handbrake turn, have 3 cigarettes and then go to the loo before returning to the car and pulling out in amongst the traffic.

    This is a huge issue for anyone who wants to win fairly on the basis of a strong fight both to overtake biut as importantly to fight to retain their position.

    I think there may be some progress on one of the AI threads on the main forum and hopefully we can work out exactly how to make the AI less hesitant.

    I hope that explains perfectly the issue.

    LET'S GO FIX this one and the game will be a huge amount better.


  15. and watch out for those styrofoam advertisements around the track, they will destroy your car, lol
  16. Completely agree with Timber_Man. Truer words have never been spoken.
  17. in response to the first post:

    all the complaining is because big money company's such as CM are spending more money of marketing than the game itself and then releasing it before it is complete and think "its ok because we can just make a few patches"

    we complain because we spend money on a game that doesn't even work properly. yes, i think its a good game and i do enjoy it. sadly, CM is the same as every other big buget game design company. just in it for the money and it shows in their games.
  18. I am yet to buy a game that has not required patches, or that has not had some kinda issues. So i must admit it does not bother me at all, perhaps i am just fortunate, as i dont see any real issues on my side. We ***** about having to wait for games, when it gets rushed to satisfy us, we ***** cause they should have taken their time and given us a working game. The game as it is, is very good, the patches will just make it better. When a game sells big (like i imagine F1 2011 has) you all of a sudden get a few hundred thousand (possibly millions) of testers to check the game. So i think the peeps (no idea how many official testers there are) there are doing all they can on tight deadlines. So give them a slight break.
  19. I don't fault companies for releasing stable products with a few minor bugs in them. After all, testing generally will not catch everything as something will always slip through.

    Unlike you, I know exactly how many official testers there are. Look at how many copies they sold - there's your list of official testers :wink:

    All in all, I really like 2011 and think it has the potential to be a really great game IF they fix the major bugs. I know they are working on patch 2, so I have hope that they at least kill some of the more frustrating bugs.
  20. for me, this game is unplayable since the Red Bulls didn´t reach the top ten and Timo Glock, Jarno Trulli, Narain Karthikeyan, with their brilliant cars, are going to the podium... Note: i have tested 7 different databases and the problem continues...