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I dare to protest

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Tume, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    1. I hate the way like the most skilled drivers are allowed to enter lower divisions, e.g Petar Brljak who competes in WT while he also drives in WC. WT is supposed to be for inexperienced drivers, so it's a bit disappointing the most skilled drivers of higher divisions come and mess things up, giving rookies no chances to struggle for a victory or so. I dare to protest against this opportunity. Every driver should drive only one division at a time, which is defined before the start of the season.

    2. I also think it's ridicilous to have many sister teams alongside the main team. Just think about F1 for example. Sister teams cannot be seen in the sport, although many teams have same sponsors, but not the same kind of name. There should be just one team (in a division) per a driver flock.

    3. ...and on a site note FSR admins should keep a proper check on the tracks as we encountered the bug in Spa, forcing us to decide a re-run date.


    4. Not letting Sebastiano Filosa to race is just unbelievable.
  2. hes probably got a WC Licence as well as a WT one
  3. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Yeah not saying it's not allowed to have more than one license, but what I'm saying is to drive only one division per year.
  4. My both hands with it. If i'm not wrong there are no free team licenses for WC while there are some management persons who have 4-6 cars. Absolutely ridiculous.
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  5. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    I have nothing against FSR, just worried about these little forms.
  6. The only way we can split up the drivers in their right skill is to let the FSR management to do this with a pre qually or something.

    And if we do this the wc championship would be the only interesting in the points table since people in the top of wt and ws will be driving in different divisions throgh out the season.

    If you can only run in one league in one season you can expect some drivers to get better and the field will get more spread out.
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  7. Petar paid to drive in WT. By those days, nobody knew if he was fast or not, we only had 2011 standings to have an idea. And Petar was just a fast driver in WT last year, but not a dominant driver. It's hard to predict such things, as you don't know what will be the driver's progression, or the skill level of the competition. He wasn't going to do WC, but he is doing it because my team needs constantly a 2nd driver, and he has full disponibility.

    Anyway you will always find faster people, we can ban Petar from WT, then Ville will dominate. Let's ban Ville, then Mark or Tommy will dominate. And mid-to-back drivers will still complain. It's a neverending story. And you have to consider also the race times, maybe some of them are doing WT because they can't drive other divisions (I don't know, but it's a possibility).

    I agree, but it's simply impossible to make a rule to avoid this.

    Like if it is fun for me to re-run again it, wasting another Saturday afternoon :D That kind of things can happen in software, you simply can't expect perfection from people who does this as a hobby. We still try to do our best...
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  8. Without those double teams we would have now 3 teams less, because nobody else had real interest in acquiring a WC team license.
  9. Of course. It's expensive as hell.
  10. Last years it was x2 more expensive. On the other hand you have the opportunity to earn some money, a good amount if you have a succesful.
  11. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    If you really can't do anything with the opportunity 1, is there any way you could block the sister teams? I think many of us know what the core teams' names are... and rules should be rules you know. :)
  12. You can't make such rule during the middle of the season.

    And even if you limit them (in fact we have a limit of 2 sister teams in WS and 3 in WT) people can fool that rule easily, as it is impossible to know who has sister teams if they don't make it public.
  13. Sister teams exist in F1 and those who think Toro Rosso don't share anything with Red Bull anymore like they claim are fools. I don't think FSR is anywhere near as bad for sister teams as it used to be either so in this regard I think improvement has been made.
  14. Well at least it aint like in touring pro series were you have the THR team versus the rest of the teams. They always have like 4 teams racing. I am happy until one team signs all the good guys.