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I can't say how much Asseto Corsa helped me in real life!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by kramard, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. kramard


    Been having an epic track season with the Z/28... I spent about 600 hours in project cars (two torn ACLs :( ) and while it helped me a little in real life the benefits didn't really translate save for passing - Project Cars really taught me how to pass well both in kart league racing and on track when it gets tight.

    BUT Asseto, man - the driving model really taught me how to drift and control a loose car. Until this year I'd never done third gear slides. And on Sunday I was just comfortable tossing the car around and playing with small and big angles.

    Just a huge thank you to the sim racing world for helping me in real life and in game! I'm getting faster in the sims and on track. Sharing some stoke - hope you guys enjoy a little vid!

    P.S. the Z was loose b/c I put 295 instead of 305s on all 4 corners and was learning the R888R. I started with my rear tire pressure the same as the fronts but kept dropping pressure throughout the day. I think this car will like 28f / 26r on warm days to keep the rear happy. Lap times were very close to the 305 Trofeo R but the car was almost alive!


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  2. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I may not be fast, but I'm wide! Premium

    Love it! Nice driving. :notworthy: You should get @kunos to sponsor your race car! :whistling: :laugh:
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  3. arthur666


    Nice driving!
    AC helped me too. After driving a ton of VIR in AC, my subsequent track day got me kicked out of the beginner group and into the intermediates. :)
    Helped me stay calm on the track, even when I overcooked a corner or got a little sideways. Knowing what to expect and how to handle it makes all the difference.
    I'm not a fast driver, but I'm safe and comfortable out there, so I can just concentrate on having fun. :)
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  4. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I may not be fast, but I'm wide! Premium

    You owe @LilSki and company some beers! :D

    I notice that too. When I go karting, if a friend is with me they talk about how they get real nervous as we're getting ready to roll out on track or when other karts are in close quarters but that never happens to me because I've been in these situations (virtually) thousands of times and know exactly what to expect so I can stay calm and focused. Or when driving in snowy/slick conditions and the car starts to misbehave I don't panic and usually know exactly what to do to smoothly get the car under control.
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  5. LilSki


    @dazzyb2k3 is the main man behind VIR. I only helped at the end of the project.
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  6. garyjpaterson


    Yeah this is it for me, I haven't done any track driving so I can't claim to be able to drift freely like a pro.

    But when the grip is low on the road for whatever reason, any corrections I have to make are completely automatic and its not particularly stressful. Not sure it'd be the same had I not spent to much time driving in AC (or any other sim).
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