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I am torn between a 24" and a 27"...

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Stelios, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Stelios


    Hello everyone.
    I recently built my Ricmotech rig in anticipation for what else, AC.
    I currently have a 26" Samsung T260 and a 24", so i thought i should get another monitor to go triple screen.

    Here is my problem, i am between the BenQ 2420T and the Asus VG278HE.

    I know the BenQ is a better monitor (both are 120hz btw) but the Asus is 27".
    Considering i will be playing with the monitor as close as possible to my wheel, do you think i should go for 27" or 24" ....

    Any input much appreciated!
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    If you are planning on using eyefinity, then the monitors should be the same size and resolution for best results. The software will even warn you if you don't have matching monitors and may prevent the eyefinity from being setup with different sizes.
  3. Stelios


    I am actually going to use them for racing, so i don't really care about the quality or the match-up of the two side monitors.
  4. Save money, buy three of them, never look back, forever alone.


    I have 2040T and they are amazing but i would like to have 27 inch screens now that i own 24 so maybe go for the 27 inch screen.

    Also, i think the 27 incher is 144Hz, not 120Hz.
    Just make sure you have a computer capable of running either 130+ or 150+ to maximize the experience.
  5. Stelios


    My computer is fast enough and i am aware its actually a 144hz monitor but i dont think its that big of a difference to the 120hz.
    I am also leaning towards the 27" monitor because i think 24" is small for racing ( also my wheel will be covering some of the monitor space)

    edit- the normal thing to do, whichever monitor i choose, is slowly buying another 2 of those, and thats another thing to keep in mind!

    Damn, i dont know what to do :p
  6. According to this (mygaming.co.za) :
    "Another interesting feature found in Eyefinity 2.0 is flexible bezel correction. This allows monitors of different sizes to be used in an Eyefinity setup but automatically adjusting the display image to take into account where the edge of one monitor is relative to the monitor next to it.
    Once again, the image below explains this quite nicely."

    In this case I would go with the 27'' as a center monitor...
  7. Unless you are going to use 3D 120 hz is no big of a deal either :).

    I have the BenQ XL2410T and is no big fan of it. If it wasn´t for the stand. It´s exactly what I need. Stable and I can adjust it so even my 320 mm wheel is no issue and then lower it again for my F1 wheel and lower even more for my general gaming and always get the correct angle.

    That said it sure is smallish with my 320 mm wheel my 32" is more appropriate for that. With the G27 toy sized wheel 270 mm wheel or the F1 rim the 24" feels quite right :)

    But anyway larger monitor. If to large you can move it further away so you get more flexibility. I am not sure how good a TN panel can cope with 27" up front. It appear to be quite on the limit with my 24". However just for racing with the crappy visuals we generally endure you do best not bother to much about IQ so it all depends.

    I guess you have checked up on input lag? I find that more important then refresh rate or pixel response time when not running 3D.
  8. Stelios


    Thank you all for the responses.
    I finally ordered the Asus 27" , after doing a LOT of research, and yes, it has minimum input lag when running at 120hz or above.
    The big bet now is if i will be able to run the center monitor at 120hz and the other two at 60, some people told me its possible.
    I will keep you noted ;)
  9. The screen should stay at a fixed height regardless of wheels though.
    Either dead-center or your eyes a tiny bit higher then center, not much though.
  10. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    You are correct, if whom ever wishes to accomplish this is using a 7XXX graphics card, as Eyefinity 2.0 is not supported on any of the lower cards.
  11. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    You missed my point, but if you have an HD 7XXX GPU then it doesn't matter. If however you have a previous gen GPU, Eyefinity will fail to setup because of the resolution mis-match which means you will only be racing on a single monitor, not triple.
  12. Stelios


    I am running a 6950, i guess that will be a problem.
    I am waiting for the Asus monitor to be delivered on Monday, then i will check and let you know.
  13. hey stelios how's your setup going?
    i am interested in using the asus vg278he as a center monitor with a couple more asus ve278q or asus ve278h monitors left and right.
    will use all three monitors for racing at 60hz and have some fun with just the center monitor in first person shooters at 120hz of 3d
    anybody like to comment on this regarding good or bad experiences etc?
  14. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    It will be a bit of a pain switching back and forth from Eyefinity to extended desktop. If you leave it on Eyefinity you will get your single monitor games showing on each monitor like you have 3 copies of the same game running. You are better off either setting up your fps games to use Eyefinity as well.
  15. Thanks Jim for your reply.
    What happens when you turn off monitors not required at the switch?
    I'd love to know how windows handles monitors in this respect.
    I'm thinking 95% of the time I'll be using the rig for triple screen racing.
  16. I have a ASUS 27", although in 60Hz, VERY happy with it, no input lag at all :)
  17. What monitor is it?
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  18. Can't see your link but anyway, I tested putting the visual steering in-game on rFactor and the response was micro-meter precise so...