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"I AM THE STIG" Avatar T-Shirt for free from Facebook

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Gaz, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG Premium Member

    Just seen this on the main Forza forum.
    You can get a free Avatar T-Shirt with "I AM THE STIG" on it.


    There are user on the main Forza forum saying thein the US and got it.
    I have just done it, it ask for your GamerTag before giving out the code, which I redeem via xbox.com but you should be able to use it via the Xbox 360.
  2. Garry I've reinstated this thread as the link does now work. Just received my T-shirt and I'm very pleased with it lol
  3. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG Premium Member

    Thanks, forgot to check this again.
    I have just found out it is normally 80 msp to get it, so a saving.
  4. This works - got mine this morning - OK for free
  5. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard
    Premium Member

    Got mine too :D thanks for the heads up on this one..!

  6. Got my code - Will have a look on XBL later on!