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I am not able to upload video in good quality

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ondrej Kapal, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. I mean on YouTube - forgot to add it in the name thread!
    I know, this isnt YouTube help. But on YouTube they arent able to help me :(
    since some day I am not able to upload any video which doesnt loose anything from its smoothness. I render 720p video, it looks nice, it goes very smooth on my computer, but when I upload it, it starts to be jerky. The view quality remains the same as rendered, but it is not smooth. I tried WMV, MP4, M2T and everything is the same. Also, I used IE9 or Opera browser without any results.
    Please, can somebody tell me whats going on?!
    This is an example

    Playing it on my PC is as smooth as possible, but here, its not...Using framerate of 50, CBR
  2. I'm pretty sure it's best to upload in 30 or 60fps :)
  3. but due to my camera I cant render it in different framerate... or it will look like this

    when I change the FPS from 50 to different, it get these ghosts .. Is there any way to prevent this?

    also this video
    is 25fps... I uploaded it today and it is the same

    on YT there are many videos with these numbers of FPS without problems... I think I have something with my internet, but really... dunno what
  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    I am able to watch your video from the first post and not see any jerking around or apparent frame rate issues. Thought you should know :)
  5. Smooth here too but only with 360p. My internet connection is too slow to handle 720p so the video will be choppy/lagging in HD resolution. Letting the video precache before watching will solve that choppiness in 720p.
  6. I downloaded 720p mp4 file from YT, your uploaded video was recognized from the YT-encoder with a frame rate of 29.9 rather than 50FPS, so it jerks. So your problem is either the video editing program/profile you use and/or the camera does flag the movie files wrong in the first place.
    Can you upload a short clip of the raw camera output (20-30s, no re encoding) with high motion in it on http://www.megaupload.com/ , so I can put on YT in the right format and which video tool chain you use?
  7. thats weird...
    i can watch every video on youtube in great quality and my own not, when i play them from my hdd it is way smoother than on yooutube
  8. ok Tobias
    I tried Vegas 9.0c and EDIUS 5 the same issue for both
  9. Ok, heres what I did - I made new project and rendered brand new 30s file in MP4 with settings which my camera uses (only thing I found different is that the rendered file cant be played with WMP)
    It has 50p framerate - it is nice quality, smooth, I am now uploading it on YT just for test, then I will do the same on megaupload for you, lets see what can we find :)
    give me one hour
  10. Ok.:)
  11. I am done
    here is the link for file from the camera http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MWVXY69Y
    here is the link for the rendered file (extended) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ANXGP62A
    here is the link for file from the camera uploaded on youtube

    here is the link for rendered (extended) file uploaded on youtube

    now you can compare everything
    you can see, when you play it from your harddisk, the video is great, but when it comes from youtube, it jerks
    and the original file on youtube is just a disaster :o)
  12. short version from your camera 25 FPS

    extended version 25 FPS

    extended version 30 FPS

    Your camera does something weird with the header (aspect ratio, a.o.). Before you upload to Youtube you have to convert your Files to 25 FPS or 29,97 FPS, because YT won't accept real 50 FPS and their encoder doesn't recognize the double PAL FPS of your Camera and takes out Frames in a chunky way to get down to 29 FPS.
    So its better to encode beforehand with 25 or 29,97 FPS in order to get at least a smooth picture, the real higher temporal resolution of your cam (50 FPS) cannot be displayed on YT right now.

    I use the free! Windows Live Movie maker, which does the normal Youtube jobs fast and stable. I attached 2 Youtube Profiles for 25 and 30 FPS.

    Attached Files:

  13. so in the end, your low framerated conversion looks the same like if it was uploaded with 50 fps ... My camera is Samsung HMX-H104, just for information :)

    seems like dead end, I try some of the FPS conversion software if I will be more successful but I dont think I will make the video better than you did
  14. I don't think so. :) Your uploaded video (ext. version) stutters clearly at ~0:12 when the guys walking out of the picture, at 0:17-0:20 with the shaking cam spotting on the Fiesta and at 0:25 to the end. Look at the guy with long hair and sunglasses. This happens when the YT-encoder deletes frames in his chunky manner, to ensure a sync with the desired frame rate.
  15. I dont see any difference :D but that doesnt matter :) thanks for your time, Tobias, you helped me a lot :) I will give it more testing ... now I encoded it trough EDIUS to M2T, then trough Vegas to WMV with 59,9fps (which should be OK with youtube) without glitches... yes, quality got lower... but the movement is at least smooth and thats the most important :D I have to find better way, because (if this works properly) it is way difficult :(
  16. Can you please explain why is this video
    (50fps, 720p) totally normal and smooth and the previous with this framerate not? :D
  17. Because it isn't smooth all the time, the judder is there in many parts of this movie, especially when the camera focus move rapidly. But when you are satisfied with the quality then it is ok.
  18. it looks the same as the exported one... the quality itself is the best you can get, because I used my HD 720p 50i camera mixed with 4:3 25p 8-tape video camera... and get satisfiable results with such a difference