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I am clueless... What computer should I buy?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rokas Charlapavicius, May 17, 2016.

  1. Hello, because my laptop has become somewhat useless (it's 10 years old) I'm considering buying a new computer (preferably another laptop because I can never know where I may need to take it). P.S. As for the budget I'm hoping to get within 600-700 euros (Is that any where near reasonable?).

    I also want to ask those who possibly do live streaming, youtube or literally works with video editing (and sim racers as well because I might consider a comeback into it): What do you guys have and how does the computer fairs with your needs?

    Hopefully I'm writing in the right section of the forum, if not - my apologies. And thanks for your time and your answers. Appreciated.
  2. I'd be holding off til the new nvidia graphics cards are available.. the 1070 gtx looks like a great buy. should also lower the price of the current 980 and 970. Now is really not the best time to be buying/building/upgrading a computer!
  3. Would it be too late to try and sell a 780 card now too?
  4. So you're suggesting to wait, right? Is there a release date for those cards? BTW Any idea how much it would cost?
  5. The release dates are I think today for the 1080 and next month about two weeks in for the 1070

    As you were originally discussing from a laptop pov I think it may be a fair bit longer till the mobile chips make it into laptops. Due mainly to allow stocks of the older mobile GPU systems to be sold off
  6. Also I think the new 1080 card will cost your entire budget so I'd look for the price drops once both these GPUs are being sold in laptops.
  7. Ok, understood. Thank you Guys!
  8. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte
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    Not so sure the laptop is the best idea...
    Laptops with good graphical power are expensive.

    I just did a recent build on a mid range budget.
    Ended up going with a Skylake i7 but currently just using the CPU graphics awaiting the new cards too. The i7 may suit you better with its multi threading over the i5 for video editing/encoding.

    Took my time and shopped around for components that I had researched/wanted.
    Made some good savings with the best getting a 750watt PSU free with my Gigabyte Gaming 7 motherboard that was on offer.


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