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i´m just courious... :)

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by dimagico, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. dimagico


    ...is there anyone here play some other game... since this? :rolleyes:
    i´m not very much of a gamer (lately).....comes with age and kids i guess, and yes...i´m 48!
    I was passionate sim race driver since early beginings, went through Crammonds GP2;GP3 and GP4...continued with rFactor mods and slowly quit after Simraceway went to bottom. Since then...even trying some late F1 series, i really cannot find motivation for racing, neither any PC games for that matter. But since....GPW! finaly came a decent manager game for us... racing enthusiasts. Must say...that i was quite sceptic after release, because fictional characters and half of female grid, didn´t satisfied my hardcore racing managment wishes...but, since Enzoli :inlove: created such a beautiful mod (certanly needs tweeking, but author cannot know every ****in detail....)...well...oh boy....it´s very addictive. :laugh: So, my question is, you find any time for any other game? I cannot find much time during day, but... damn...two hours at evenings go away in a blink :O_o: