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Released HZ-Motorsports Facility version 3.0

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Erwin Greven, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    Because the older topics are closed / not to be found, i have opened a new topic with some final updates.


    lay-out versions.

    Start at Club Building

    1. C1.0 Club circuit.
    2. C2.0 Intermediate rally course (tarmac only)
    3. C2.1 Intermediate rally course (with off road part B and C)
    4. C2.2 Full Rally track. (with off road parts A. B and C.
    5. C3.0 Extended GP – circuit Rally track
    Start at National Building

    1. N1.0 National circuit
    2. N1.1 National circuit Extended short
    3. N1.2 National circuit Extended long.
    4. N2.0 GP-Full circuit. (Club + National Circuit)
    5. N2.1 GP-Short circuit.
    6. N3.0 Outer circuit
    7. N3.1 Outer circuit extended (+ South curves GP circuit)
    8. N3.2 Outer circuit extended (+ North curves GP circuit)
    9. N3.3 Outer circuit extended (+ North full extension)
    10. N3.4 Outer circuit extended (+ above + short cutt)
    11. N4.0 Endurance circuit (+ Extension short cut )
    12. N4.1 Endurance circuit (+ Gp short cut)
    13. N4.2 Endurance circuit (+Extension and GP short cut)
    14. N4.3 Endurance circuit (Full Track)

    So there are now 19 layouts.

    Now i have to merge them in a compact file. 1 track with 17 AIW files and 17 different GMT files
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  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    To make the most out of making the file as small as i can i want to use 1 basic track.
    I need 19 AIW files for each track, which is not a problem.
    The differences between each track are some objects and some walls.
    Now i have a question.
    How do i know which file is a wall or object after i exported it into rFactor. Is there a way to name those files, so they are recognizable in rFactor?

    I never done it this way. The last versions were independent tracks.
  3. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

  4. I know only how to do this in Race07 since the mas isn't a file but a folder. 3Dsimed is very useful tool for identifying stuff.. You do get a lot of files and so the trackpack size increases a lot. 19 AIWs start to take a lot of space.. So does 19 HATs. I don't remember now how rFactor sorted tracks but if you do 19 track in Race07, people are gonna be pissed that they have to browse thru multiple pages with track order randomized (still no body knows how the track sorting works in that title... there seems to be no logic.) I suggest of cutting the number of layouts to 10.
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  5. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    I found out how to work with 3dsimed. So the indentifying problem is solved.
    Will make 3 sets of tracks.
    A: 8 track Club / National Package ( C 1.x to C 3.x and N1.x)
    B: 7 track GP Package (N 2.x to N 3.x)
    C: 4 track Endurance Package. (N 4.x)

    It will be only for rFactor, no Race 07 since i don't own Race 07
  6. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member


    after an export from 3simed the light poles still are switched on at daylight.

    this is what Dennis Waller wrote: Turn off shadow receiver to start with, I have never used vis group with mine and they are not visible during the day.
    Type=Omni Pos=(497.8513, -2.559868, 230.5369) Range=(0, 65) Active=True Intensity=(1.4) Color=(255, 255, 255)

    MeshFile=NightLight05Glow.gmt CollTarget=False HATTarget=False ShadowReceiver=False

    just another thought, you haven't altered the light parameters for the track itself as this also will make the lights turn on during the day if you go to dark. Also under the NightLight instance you do have Active=True

    Sadly i don't know how to adjust the scn file, so i still havent solved it.