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Hyper-realistic, yeah right!

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Thomas Wilen, May 5, 2015.

  1. on console it is the most realistic racing game right??

    by realistic i do mean racing and not just driving a car, weather,day-night, tyre temps that really mater, full grid, actually champs with practice and quali where the laps arent just 3 laps old (forza im looking at you)

    when you consider drive club was the last console racing game this does look very realistic

    ps gamespot mainly does console

    edit, not to mentions the tracks, normally its just f1 games that gets this many tracks
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  2. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    I would call the graphics hyper-realistic...

    Otherwise I wouldn't call anything I do in front of my PC/Console realistic (unless I'm playing a program aimed at simulating me pissing off my wife...)
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  3. Yapci


    If it feels nice and somehow realistic with a good ffb and physics (not like dirt series f.e) i'll be satisfied. And it looks like it will be like that.

    I think too there are a lot of cars and tracks since I will just race a few of them frequently. I havent even played with all the cars-tracks in assetto corsa yet.

    Weather changes look exciting and career mode too.

    People is asking for the game to become a real racing car and teletransport you to the real track when clicking on start race. Go buy a real car and go a real track if you want that, this is just a game, sim or whatever it finally is. Better or worse, more or less realistic, but at the end of the day its your wheel, a chair and luckily 3 monitors. Not the real deal anyway you look at it.
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  4. Come on name ONE racing game described as arcade OR simulation that don´t use realistic in the marketing. For some reason you can´t sell a racing game if it´s not realistic. It can be burnout revenge it has realistic car damage ;)
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  5. St3fan


    As a Wii U owner I could tell you that none of the racing games on Wii U use "realistic"... Mario Kart 8 sells pretty well :p
  6. Don't really get the hate for this game, yet so many people love Gran Turismo.
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  7. Yeah, Blkout. I don't get it either. SMS is trying to push us into some real next gen and all you get is haters. No sim/game does weather like this or day/night transition as nicely. Oh well, see you on the track buddy.:)
  8. .
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  9. Why would anyone STILL be mad about Shift 2? I am only mad that EA has a stranglehold on the Porsche license and won't let go.
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  10. Coennos

    Green green green

    I think Shift 2 was a great game not a sim but very good at that time, love to play it:cool:
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  11. As we approach the release, I'm still struggling with this game. It's not the money, just something doesn't seem too right to me. I haven't played the game so maybe it's a non-event, but I really have to say I'm mostly worried about the tracks. Everything else seems to be amazing.

    Two series in iRacing were just at Bathurst - wonderfully redone, then I saw PCars version. Nope. Yes, it had all the curves but it just seemed very wrong. I even searched and viewed IRL on-boards to see if maybe iRacing had it wrong. Nope. They have it perfect. Laguna Seca: same thing. I've actually had the honor of tracking at Seca - and their version is really off. It almost breaks the immersion for me and makes it very arcade-ish looking despite the graphics.

    It's probably only an issue for tracks I've been to or raced with laser-scanned versions, but it is making me wait it out a bit to see how this community specifically responds to the game. I'll probably end up with it regardless, and I'm not hating - but for me it's the elephant in the room.

    ...and I also liked Shift2...
  12. No hate here, I have big hopes for pCars. Was just indicating that if the hype is for HYPER realistic racing some people might get a bit dissapointed. We'll all see tomorrow!
  13. ouvert


    don`t know about it ... AI was terrible and with wheel it was awfull .. but I have faith in pCars .. we are missing this kind of game on PC ..
  14. The Stig was one of the test drivers so this should be the best sim ever...as realistic as possible...i'm looking forward better grip than AC have, wanna feel the grip...1.25 is good LOL
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  15. I'm just glad it's finally here so people can try it for themselves and end all this nonsense.
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  16. The handling is neutral and responsive with a very good tyre simulation; you can really feel the rubber grip harder as it warms up (practice and qualifying sessions start you on cold tyres), or let go as you four-wheel-drift
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  17. ...well, couldn't take it any longer, and went ahead and bought it. Haven't even been able to download it yet, but reading how everyone is having so much fun with it I just couldn't bear it anymore.
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  18. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I enjoyed Shift 2 - it was a fun racing game. GT6 also was a fun racing game, but they added MicroTransactions for in game cash and slowed down your money making to try to encourage you to buy them.

    The closest to 'realistic' I recall on a console was SimBin's game Race Pro- it had race weekends, WTCC/Mini championships and similar handling/tracks to Race 07.

    DriveClub looks pretty, but handles like a NFS game. It also doesn't have a career mode, just events to unlock more events which forces you to drive cars/events you don't like to try to get to the races you do like. The really damning thing for me, on PS4, is that my G25 won't work there, which is why I won't buy any more PS4 racing games.

    Looking forward to my PC DVD Box dropping through the door tomorrow so I can play P-Cars too.
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