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Skins Huracan GT3 - Attempto Racing #100; #101 Spa 24h v1.1

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 - Attempto Racing #100 and #101 - 2016 Spa 24h

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  1. Dave_6

    Premium Member

    Fantastic! I was hoping someone was going to do most of the Spa 24 skins. Got the Demon Tweeks one in mind next? ;)
  2. Actually wanted to do a Ferrari next but I'll keep that one in mind as well ;)
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  3. Dave_6

    Premium Member

    Awesome! You're welcome to do them all as far as I'm concerned :p
  4. As mentionned by @Galf506 there is an issue as the blue turns white under sunlight. Seems to be linked with the skin_map file. Quick workaround for now is to remove that file.
  5. Got that problem fixed. Played around with a colour on _map file did and messed up a bit. I think it should be fixed now, tested in all weathers. Uploading update right now.
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