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Hungary WC broadcast replay

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. 21 Laps to go is the Broadcast over :/
  2. Right... we will take a look and try to find what was the problem, sorry.
  3. 2nd link should be fixed at least now, with the full race.
  4. Was kinda same story with WT broadcast, it was 5 laps short.. :S
  5. WS broadcast is broken as well. Can't wind it past the end of Q1, can only watch it from there on without skipping any parts. Picture freezes around 20 laps from finish, audio goes on.
  6. Added also to youtube, still not with max quality.

    WS broadcast replay's issues are fixed now according to Lutz.
  7. Actually I just download the WS broadcast and it stops at 8m31sec.....
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  8. +1 here. Have tried to download in several OS's and play it in several players with stopping at that point. I've tried to watch it in the web (although from that minute you can't select the time position) and... 21 laps to go video frezed and audio kept going, so i aborted xD

    Any possible way to watch the end of WS?
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  9. Same here!
  10. Download the replay and do your own broadcast :D

    Now seriously, if Simrace.tv can fix it we will share the new links, but at the moment we can't do anything else, as it is not on our hands.
  11. And do they know about the problems at Simracetv?
  12. Yes, since Sunday.
  13. Ive send an email and posted on facebook xd. But still dident heart anything from simracetv. I mean, just fix it! And if its not possible they can at least send a message that they wont be able to... I wanna see it :(
  14. Lutz has been out the last days, doing some event from Hockenheim if I'm not wrong.