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Hungary track

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Phillip Estrada, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Yeah, I know it's a 4 weeks away but I'll go ahead and say it anyway.

    When will the Hungary track be released?

    Phil Estrada
  2. Very good question Phillip and i hope its not released a few days before the race. Now i have time to sort out my problem and i hope i can get this time.

    So same question from me when will the Hungary track be released?
  3. When it's done.
  4. lol I like that answer Dennis :p I think we all need a break :) Surely it will be based on a previous version..
  5. To bad when people get a normal question they get such an answer. Also a hint on what version your working on would be fine fore me.

    edit: probably its out already but not anounced
  6. In any case Ferry it is indeed out already and sort of annouced by Mikko too ;).
  7. The track's racing line has disappeared after the most recent update (1.4.7)

    =/ It's been there all month and suddenly it's gone the night before the race? It's a bit hard to adjust in a just a few hours after it being there the entire month :S