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Hungary help req

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Stephen Freeman, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I'm in my career driving for torro rosso on expert with no assists 20% race distance, I'm struggling to find a set up for this track, any help out there? :-(
  2. Did you look at the Setup section? You can find setups for all the tracks there. You can start with one or two from there and tweak it to your driving style. I am not a great setup person, so I rely on these an then play with them. That is one reason I do the long week end. It gives me more time to ply with the setups.
  3. The problem with using some of the setups from the setup forum is many of them are made for Time Trials and virtually all setups work in TTs since you have 100% grip + more in TT sessions. Check out the setup Steve Stoop uses here.
    It may not be right for you, but you can use it as a base line and make adjustments if you are understeering or oversteering.
  4. Ta for the help lads, Yeh the trouble with the set up forum is that u don't no if its a career or TT setup, its like 2 different games in 1, feel of the cars r so different between tt and career, most of the setups don't state if its a tt or career setup, Ta anyway, just av to keep tryin em an tweaking.
  5. The link that My993C2 supplied is a good one to check on. Steve is in the career mode, so you can try his setups and then tweak them to fit your driving style.