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Tracks Hungaroring 0.9.5

Hungaroring by Tiago Lima

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  1. The grass is just as grippy as the tarmac. And the bump before going into the chicane is like an explosion! Needs a bit of work.
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  2. Tiago Lima updated Hungaroring with a new update entry:

    Hungaroring Update

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  3. good work
    but after turn 8 i hit left rail and my car fly in the air
  4. Thanks Tiago! Please replace the track map, because that is the old and shorten layout, not the track you've created.
    Check this photo, grey is the old layout, black is longer and used nowdays
  5. track is good.Camera please replay tv.:redface:
  6. +1
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    Assetto Corsa [60fps] ★ Ferrari F40 ★ Hungaroring ★ TVview

  9. Pit limiter don't working
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  10. Does anyone have the above file that works? I downloaded it and there is nothing in it.
    I'd like to get working ai.
  11. The Link to the AI works fine for me.
  12. You and another guy were working on Twin Ring Motegi is that project still going forward and if so where can I follow it?