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Tracks Hungaroring Track Update 1.8

F1 2013

  1. No description? what´s the diference?
  2. Y una simple pista atualizao, estoy tratando de mejorar, pero no tiene el editor PSSG conocimiento correcto
  3. And a simple atualizao track, I'm trying to improve, but do not have the right knowledge PSSG editor
  4. You can reply in English, I understand it xD

    Btw, are you using google traductor? Because that traduction is a bit crappy xD
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  5. I wish I had a manual to update PSSG best tracks, I'm an amateur, but I'm very detail-oriented, have the other points of the track that needs to be updated, but the PSSG not help much.
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  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    This is an English only forum, please stick to the rules.
  7. That's not Spanish, that's an invented language, similar to the spoken English ;)
  8. Finally see rolex in their updates. That's a rarity. You have something against rolex? I dont remember seeing rolex in your update abu dabhi
  9. Invented language? I´m sure that was Spanish but using google traductor´s logic :)
  10. No, I'm trying to upgrade the tracks in 2013, all as seen on TV.
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  11. I Have already updated 99% of track to how they are seen on TV , But still good work, :thumbsup:
  12. You give me hint how to do these updates on the track, I'm updating alone without any hint
  13. You need to edit the "tracksplit" PSSG Files and the "patchup_ot" Just export the Textures with Ryder25 PSSG Editor , Edit the Textures with Photoshop or a DDS Software of your Choice Edit the Textures and then import them the Textures back inside PSSG Editor ,
    Its simple just takes a little time to get the Desired Textures to look right ,
    Mainly its just experience with the Textures everything else is just common sense.:thumbsup:

  14. I think the biggest problem in this 2013 F1 tracks in adding new plates propaganda, I'll put my last upgrade, if you have an idea of how to put advertisement board I thank you ..
  15. Mod Edit - Link removed

  16. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member


    I have removed your update link. Please update the whole of the original file, changing the version number.


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  17. you will make all the tracks like this ?
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  18. I'm trying, so ends my race in Hungary go to next track and also I will update because I like to run on the track with updates.