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Misc Hungaroring - Hungary Correct Sun *Fixed* 1.0

Correct sun for Hungary, to feel more like 1 PM rather than 9 AM

  1. Danger88 submitted a new resource:

    Hungaroring - Hungary Correct Sun - Correct sun for Barcelona, to feel more like 1 PM rather than 5 PM

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  2. Hi, the last few uploads have been the Monaco track instead of their correct track folder.ie. Melbourne for Australia. Thanks :)
  3. than man, I will correct than
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  4. keep it up man i just told you for monza, you have the "touch" with the lightning
  5. thank you my friend, although bad lighting doesn't seem to bother people I know i real life who play the game, but it's a big off for me if it wasn't correct, I'v done the same for F1 2014, and F1 2013 but never though you guys would care about it enough for me to share it.
  6. Your mods are great. The game really becomes more realistic. :thumbsup:
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  7. Thanks man, you are welcome