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Misc Hungaroring 1989 (Vintage Circuit) 1.1

....a partial reconstruction of the circuit in the 1989 season

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  1. I use your track man very very good :D
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  2. Getting crc error when trying to unpack.
  3. .....it's ok!...not crc bad!
  4. This is the error message,seems to be the first file,the next 2 extract perfectly.

    tracting to "C:\Users\rod\AppData\Local\Temp\wzd105\"
    Use Path: yes Overlay Files: yes
    Extracting hungaroring\tracksplit.pssg
    Error: CRC mismatch in file "C:\Users\rod\AppData\Local\Temp\wzd105\hungaroring\tracksplit.pssg" in the archive "C:\Users\rod\Desktop\hungaroring.rar"
    Irrecoverable Error: CRC error detected
    If its not a problem with your archive,apologies in advance.
  5. yes......i correct crc error.....sorry
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  6. Good job,thank you sir.:thumbsup:
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