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HUD Not Working

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Thomas Mundy, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Hi guys at the moment my rFactor 2 HUD in game is showing up as grey and white blank boxes. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and how you managed to solve it.
  2. To be honoust first time I heard this problem before, so can't give you an straight answer to the problem.

    I know if you select customize in main menu that you can alter the type of hud, does this happend with every hud?
    Is this with all cars and all tracks?

    A long shot
    I do know if you have a type of control selected ingame (for instance steering wheel), but you don't have it connected, I believe as you can't drive away, the info hud remains gray as in not active. I believe when you select AI driving, the same happends to the HUD.
    might it be that you are seeing?

    Can you make a screenshot? That might make it easier for me or others to exactly understand what you're asking:)

    I wouldn't know how to fix that besides a re-install of rf2, but hopefully someone else can help you further along without having to do that
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  3. I already tried reinstalling rFactor 2. Here is the image

  4. I see that the cars are missing too on the radar, on ISI forums for that problem someone got this solution.

    perhaps in that file there is a fix too for your problem?

    Couldn't find any other posts which could lead to solution. A plugin is the only thing I can think of as something to look into.
  5. Ok have now solved this problem. It appears just a couple of the HUD types in the customize menu are corrupted and don't work. Downloaded a custom one and that does work. Not sure why the standard one doesn't but at least I've got round it.
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