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Misc HUD F1 Style 1.01

hud, f1, rfactor2

  1. Ian Franssen submitted a new resource:

    HUD F1 Style (side and center) by McNolo - hud, f1, rfactor2

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  2. Thank you very much Ian for this very good HUD version! ;)
  3. Is it possible to update this HUD somewhat?

    On build 860, I get a weird display on my temperatures when I use this - see bottom right corner: http://img.ctrlv.in/img/14/09/22/542088949c5b9.jpg

    Like there are 0's hidden behind the actual values, as well as those funny characters that look like mini triangles.

  4. G'Day , really like you HUD , but probably a silly question , but can i edit the placement of the Hud? I just want to shift it to the bottom left!