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HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift on assetto?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tommi Ylén, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Oculus Rift is officially supported, this we know. But how good does the HTC Vive work with unofficial support? I'm trying to find out if HTC Vive is worth it, and does it really work with the game.
    HTC is currently 799euros and free shipping, for today only (black friday sale). Oculus rift is 740euros. Which one should I get, or should I get anything at all? I would most likely play Assetto for 90% of time.
    I've never experienced VR glasses yet. So far I have played through 4k 58" screen. I know the graphics get a lot more blurred with VR glasses, but the immersion is what I'm after. I would still like to know if there is any difference between HTC and Oculus graphics quality, crispness or what you like to call it.
    Both are pretty much at same price at the moment, and HTC Vive has a little wider range of use, with the whole walk around thing etc. Hard to choose.

    Free opinions on both, and if someone has experienced both, please help me choose! Thanks a lot!
  2. ouvert


    Or wait for MS VR.. Not sure about the specs but half the price and much lower hw requirements seems to be promising.. More info should be next month
  3. I have a rift, not even a CV1, just aDK2 since August and all I have to say is I wish I had started sooner.
    VR is just a different experience, both will do a fine job, minor differences but overall you will get the VR world accessible. If 90% driving in AC Rift might be a better choice as the main advantage of Vive is the touch accessory that you cannot use when driving a SIM.
    Flat screen playing even at a zillion K resolution is just a game, VR for driving a SIM is as important as wheels versus controller, you will never look back.
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  4. Thanks, this is the kind of feedback I was looking for. As you are the second person saying the exact same I'll believe this :thumbsup: I might go with vive, I'm very interested about the hand held controllers too and the whole walk around thing. I just hope it works well with assetto too.:)
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  5. The Stig™

    The Stig™
    Some say his heart beat is measured in RPM Premium

    I've tried both and I've gone with the oculus. Vive is cool but the only reason I got VR is to race so I don't really care about the controllers and room scale tracking. The Oculus is a lot more comfortable and lighter than the Vive. I've used the CV1 for over 3 hours at a time and no discomfort whatsoever.
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  6. MarcG


  7. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    I've recently got the Rift and echo comments above, its just simply a different world with VR. I simply cannot put in to words how good it is, how immersive and real it all feels using a headset.

    I've never tried the anything other than the Oculus, but I'd recommend it whole heartedly. I'd also say the loss in image quality is less than sometimes people make out. I've found it more than satisfactory for my racing, and with a bit of settings tweaks in game you can make it look pretty good.

    If you are in doubt about it, just go do it man! You will not look back! :)
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  8. Received Vive two days ago, been enjoying it a lot. Got it to work last night on Assetto, looks amazing :D I just wish they make vive official support, little hassle everytime setting everything up
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  9. Thank you for the feedback, glad to read you are enjoying it. VR is not as easy as a flat screen but well worth the extra efforts and few inconveniences. There is definitely a before and an after experiencing the VR in SIM racing. Similar to me has a before and after experiencing a wheel, not as practical as a controller, needs to fixed to a table, etc... but what a difference when driving a SIM.
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  10. Mondyrocks

    Ivan Fojan Premium

    Same here, recently got a gtx 1080 gpu and a rift and it's amazing, so realistic. I'm controlling the car much better, finding the turn in points and apexes better too, which is lowering my lap times!
    One thing though, for some reason my G27 clutch pedal plays up, I have to constantly press it down to disengage it, even when I reverse it with the settings check box. This has only ever happened when I've been using the rift. It's the only game it happens on as well!
    Has anyone got any ideas?
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  11. very strange thing to happen i am on osw dd wheel and he pedals. cv1 ..maybe you could re assign your clutch to another control ..then reassign back to the clutch that may help
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2016
  12. I have similiar thing with the Vive. Vive's controllers goes nuts when I have g27 plugged in at the same time, rebooting computer helps for me while both of them are still plugged in. I haven't tried if different usb ports helps but try that. It sounds like Rift is interfering with the same axis g27 uses as clutch, so it makes it recalibrate all the time... weird that it doesn't have an effect on other things
  13. Keith_G


    May be too late to chime in but I have a Vive and use the Fanatec V2 controller. Absolutely no problems with either and although not officially supported it works just fine without any hassle. Installing took a bit, but really not much to it. I also really like the room size VR games included with the Vive. Amazing fun even though I mainly do racing. I'm sure the Rift is fine also but haven't used one so I can't directly compare. Must Agree with others that racing with VR is a hugh difference!! Driving a McLaren F1 on the Nordschleife is absolutely like being in the car and much easier to drive in VR. Highly recommend it whichever way you go!
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