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HRT turning Japanese?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Gary Corby, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. There are stories flying about that the Spanish bank which has the mortgage over the shares in HRT has sold them to a Japanese merchant bank. (HRT is owned by a wealthy Spanish family, but they borrowed buckets of money to start HRT, so their bank is the effective controller.)

    If true, I presume a Japanese bank would only do this because they wanted their own F1 team. It'd be terrific to see Japan back in the game.
  2. Well considering HRT actually seem like a professional outfit this season and they even have the funds to swap there pay driver for a driver they actually had to pay for(ricciardo) it looks as though things are on the up. But either way there is still plentyof work before this team can touch the midfield.
  3. please japanese bank buy HRT formula 1 needs a japanese team f1 only has Kobayashi holding the japanese flag up.also its a shame that when HRT looks like they are improving they are gonna go
  4. I'm pretty much sure Red Bull paid them to take Ricciardo, in order to allow him to get more F1 experience.

    I guess Red Bull had more to offer than Kartikeyan's sponsors. HRT doesn't need talented but inexperienced drivers, they need money.
  5. The story's changed! The latest version is HRT has been bought by a Spanish group called Thesan. Apparently Thesan is a Spanish investment group whose directors have connections to the Japanese merchant bank, which might explain the original rumor.

    Yeah, I'm dead sure Red Bull paid for Ricciardo's drive. So now Red Bull seem to own 10% of all F1 seats.

    I hope Colin Kolles lands on his feet at the end of this. He's done mission impossible for HRT.
  6. All the sources I have seen claim redbull loaned him to HRT, wether that means they payed for his drive there or he actually got loaned, remains to be clear.
  7. More like 25+ %, no?

    2 Red Bull, 2 Toro Rosso, 1 HRT.
  8. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    One more seat and it'd be 25%
  9. Woops, you're right. So much for my degree in pure mathematics.