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Skins HRT rover car 2.0

frt friction car

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  1. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    I like it. Just a bit too shiny, the DHL logo
  2. :confused: :thumbsup:
  3. nice work come you from makedonia?
  4. Nice work :)

    Will the head gasket go on this car too? :roflmao:

    I have edited your OP to include the pics I whacked on my photo bucket. So they can be. Viewed on RD
  5. Could you remove the FYROM flag? It's great and I will use it if you do.
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  6. thank you for the excellent car skin
  7. yes I come forom makedonija
  8. please can u tell me haw to make a main_specocc file..
  9. Hi,
    Gerald Chinoy would know. Or you could try asking any other modder. As I dont know im afraid :(
  10. man can see it fith the flag design on the car release you a full team pack ? or one car file
  11. It's FYROM not macedonia... Macedonia is GREEK...
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  12. a Fyrom flag (makedonija is in his language) :D

    Zdravo dsingerov ;) kako si? (hello dsingerov, how are you?)

    Very nice work :thumbsup:

    perfect for my pseudonym :p
  13. <removed non-English post>
  14. <removed non-English post>
  15. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Exactly. However, English is mandatory on RD.

  16. yes and politic alsow
  17. I've just wanted to show him I know Fyrom :thumbsup: it was not a real question, it was not a non-english post, I posted just to say that this skin is interessant for me because I have origins from Fyrom. :p

    And the skin is very beautiful ;)