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Howto: Create your own rFm/Mod section in game

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Lazarou, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    This is a guide so you can setup a separate class in GSC, then you can also run separate championships for each mod and it also looks nicer. Rupe Wilson showed me the way, but i'm doing all the work typing this up!

    You will need a photo editing software like GIMP (http://www.gimp.org/downloads/)or whatever you normally use. I will be reffering to GIMP here. Some knowledge of the program you prefer is needed.

    1. First thing to do is download the rfm templates here.

    2. Open gimp then open the reizaRFM.psd


    3. To add a picture that fits your mod, click File then open as layer the picture of your choice.

    4. This will add this to the image. You may need to resize the layer to fit in with the template and also change its position.

    5. Next the layer needs to be lowered to fit in with the GSC look. To do this in GIMP click layer, stack then lower layer you will need to do this four times so it looks right.

    6. Now click layer, merge down then image is merged into one.

    7. You can add other images in the same way or add text if you wish.

    8. Decide what Reiza number category you wish to use, i have started mine at Reiza30 and so on.

    9. To save as a file that GSC will recognise click File,Export then the type in the file name reiza30 (your number selection) with a .tga extension. It should look like this. reiza30.tga

    Now you have a menu setup you need to set up the rfm file that hold's the information about which cars/mod reiza30 refers to.

    1. Open the Reiza 30 template and open with notepad. The part we are concerned with will look like this, there is more but dont worry about that.

    // Game/Season Info:
    Mod Name = Clio Series (enter the name of the mod that you wish to use from the vehicle folder)
    Track Filter = StockV8
    Vehicle Filter = OR:Reiza30 (this will need to match your.veh file see No.5 below)
    SafetyCar = Mini_SC.veh (choose any pacecar you have available)

    Matchmaker = match.reizastudios.com
    Matchmaker TCP Port = 40001
    Matchmaker UDP Port = 40002
    Loading Bar Color = 13244190

    Max Opponents = 23 // maximum opponents in practice/quick race/grand prix/championship
    Min Championship Opponents = 5 // minimum opponents in championship only

    // Seasons:

    Season = Clio Series (enter what you want here usually referring to cars in the mod)
    FullSeasonName = Clio Series (enter what you want here usually referring to cars in the mod)
    BaseCreditMult = 0.0
    MinExperience = 0
    EntryFee = 0
    Vehicle Filter = |Reiza30 (this will need to match your.veh file see No.5)
    Max Opponents = 23

    FirstPlace = 25
    SecondPlace = 20
    ThirdPlace = 16
    FourthPlace = 14
    FifthPlace = 12
    SixthPlace = 10
    SeventhPlace = 9
    EighthPlace = 8
    NinthPlace = 7
    Place10 = 6
    Place11 = 5
    Place12 = 4
    Place13 = 3
    Place14 = 2
    Place15 = 1


    2. The parts in red are what you need to change to match your mod.

    3. Once edited save and close down.

    4. Next you need to change the reiza class for the mod your are creating this for.

    5. In your GSC installation Open up the folder GAMEDATA then VEHICLES folder then the folder for the mod you have chosen. You the need to navigate to the .veh file usually within the teams folder. Open this with notepad and look for a section like this under TEAM HISTORY AND INFORMATION.

    Driver="Piloto 1"
    Description="Renault Clio 2013-01"
    Engine="2.0 16V"
    Manufacturer="Renault Sport"
    Classes="reiza30, VCS14" (change this to match your reiza class you have selected)

    6. Now this is a bit of a pain as most mods default to either reiza1 or reiza5 so all you need to do is change the numerical value to the number you have used all through this process. Then save and exit and use the same process for the next .veh file

    Thanks to Beef36 I would recommend you use Textcrawler to change any multiple values, massive time saver.

    Example changing reiza class to move to a new section.

    1. Install Textcrawler and run program.

    2. Change file filter to *.veh

    3. Set start location to car folder you wish to change e.g S:\GSC2013\GameData\Vehicles\EnduranceSeries\P2

    4. Put the entry you wish to modify in the find option e.g Classes="reiza1,ES_P2"

    5. Put the entry you want the files to be replaced with in the replace option e.g Classes="reiza110,ES_P2"

    6. Click replace and job done :):):):):)


    7. You need to do this for all.veh files in the mod so the all match the rFm file and will then all go into the same section.

    8.All you need to do now is copy both the .RFM file and .tga file into the rFm folder in you GSC installation and you should now find your mod is in its own section remember to use the scroll buttons until you find it!

    Any question please ask.:)
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  2. That's really useful Paul.
    If you don't mind, can I add an optional bit that some people might want to use?

    If anyone wants to add points for pole position, fastest lap or laps led, then you can add the following section.

    Just insert it after the last bracket of SeasonScoringInfo and before SceneOrder


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  3. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Add what you want Keith, that's great information. The more information the better. I've spent hours going down blind alleys with the mods this save's other people having the same problems.
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  4. Thank you so much Paul for your clear explanations:thumbsup:! Even a noob like me :laugh: succeeded at creating his own Porsche Mobil Supercup 2009:D
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2014
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  5. Thank you for this as it's great information.

    To edit all of the .veh files with a new Class ID, I use TextCrawler http://www.digitalvolcano.co.uk/textcrawler.html It's freeware and will easily allow you to select all .veh files and update their Class ID in one move.

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  6. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Thanks Beef your a legend what a time saver. :):):):):)

    I will add instructions to the OP.
  7. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Updated with textcrawler instructions.
  8. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness
    Premium Member

    Just discovered this thread tonight. And ran through it and it's fantastic tutorial. Thanks heaps.

    Does mucking around with the .rfm is that when you get online mismatch happening when you try join servers?
  9. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness
    Premium Member

    Thanks heaps Paul for your knowledge you are sharing... I'm getting as much relaxation and enjoyment out of this tutorials as driving the sim

    here is a couple of custom menu backgrounds so far.

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2014
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  10. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Look really nice Robbie, great stuff.
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  11. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    I have discovered that you don't even need to add a number to rFm files. You can call it reiza(insertname) to whatever you want, as long as the whole mod matches the rfm/tga then that will work as well.
  12. That does not work for me :( I did it like in the tutorial but in the loaded rfm only the Stock Cars load but I have chosen as class not "StockV8" but "F1 1992" and it is also changed in the veh files
    Anyone knows what to do?
  13. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    As long as everything matches make sure you have used a capital "R" for the ReizaF1 1992 or whatever you have called.

    Although you use a lower case "r" in the .veh file it needs to be a capital. If it is not that then something else must not be matching.

    Let me know how you get on and if that does not work. Paste or upload your rfm and .veh file and I will take a look for you.
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  14. Ah okay thanks I used a lower case r, I will try with capital R. I let you know 'bout the process. Thank you.
  15. Thank you very much, Paul. Now It's working.

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  16. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Great news Optimus, glad you got it sorted. Enjoy those beasts!
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  17. haha yeah thanks ;)
  18. One question: I want to make a compilation of my F1 Mods, I already created a rfm file (is attached with an example veh) and in the veh files of the cars, the new class is written. Unfortunately, only the cars of the class I selected appear in Single race :( I know i could do it once that all cars drive, but I don't know anymore. Do you know maybe?

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  19. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    If I get what your trying to do, I would do it this way. Have all the F1 cars in the same reiza class, so for example reizaF1, then have each year separate like this.

    Classes="reizaF1, F1 1992"

    With the rfm file like this.

    Vehicle Filter = |ReizaF1

    That should keep each year separate to race against but keep all the mods in the same rfm section.
  20. I understand you, but you got it a bit wrong. I want every year race together that e.g. 1992 and 1994 against 1991 and 1997 and so on.