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Hows your engine?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Leon Blake, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. I am now upto Canada (I know I have taken long, but pro evo came out the other day and it needed playing time!!!!) anyway so I've turfed up at Canada and my first engine still has 94% life left. Now my first engine has done 2 races (Melbourne, Malaysia) also it has done every P2 & P3 so far this season (as all of you are aware that when you turf up to a new circuit you are give a new engine in P1 by default). So if your like me and use old engines for practice hows your engine life, I was just wondering how well other people have been managing their engines?
  2. all my engines are above 90 or 90 and im at Monza at the moment so yeah ill probably make it this season
  3. Like wise. I am in Canada and no need to change engines not like 2010. But I have seen vids where guys engine have blown. But hey, I have not even seen the safety car yet. Even at Monaco. :frown:
  4. I've managed to blow 2 engines in 5 races, all in practice.:frown: Driving Lotus-Renault.
  5. All my engines are 93% plus and I'm in Brazil. Got three engine wear upgrades to my HRT, one 10% wear reduction and 2 5% wear reductions. None of my engines have blown yet either.
  6. Gavin, The whole safety car scenarios are kinda weird, I had only 1 SC this season @ canada when Button tried to overtake me but failed @ the last chicanes and spun out hit the wall of champions and hit another car and got SC out because of the place where he was kinda small much debris and so on, On monaco i had a crash with 5 other cars out of the tunnel but NO SC this is very weird in my opinion but hey i dont really mind.. Useless post of me anyways :rolleyes: