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Porsche Posse (LIVE)


Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Pety, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I started to use this game today, and I need your help. When the race started, it wasn't rained, but it started to rain, and I wanted to change my tires. But my team was gave me the medium tire, not intermediate. How can I choose the tyre types, before I go to the pit?
    (I hope you understand my message, because I can't speak English well)

    Aki magyar, annak elmondom így is:
    Ma kezdtem használni a játékot, és nem értek valamit. Elindult a verseny, nem esett, majd a felénél el kezdett esni. Már áll a víz pályán, bemegyek a Box utcába, és mi történik? Rám adja újra a közepes keverékű gumit. Nem ám az intermediate-t... Nem értem, hogy hogyan tudom kiválasztani a gumikat, mielőtt bemegyek a box utcába. Nem dob kis semmilyen ablakot sem, hogy válaszd ki, milyen gumit akarsz.
  2. Did you select the correct tyre in the in-race menu? I've made that mistake before, full wets onto primes instead of another set of full wets, then procceded to bury it in the wall on the outside of Turn 1 at the Nurburgring. After that cock-up, I always be 100% sure to select the right one, even as I'm driving down the pit lane.
  3. Where? I tried to choose it in the Tyre menu, before the race, and in the pause menu. Where is the in race menu? How can I open it? That's complicated too for me... I can't find it... Unbelievable.
  4. My F1 -> Driving Controls ->

    Find out the quick menu up/down/left/right and set up on your keyboard/wheel.
  5. You need to access the quick menu the moment you enter pit lane but before you stop. From the quick menu is where you select which tires you want to have your crew put on your car. Go to your controller config screen and determine which buttons or keys are assigned to your quick menu up/down/left/right buttons.