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How would you describe your driving style?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by kinkyNINJAbabe, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Just a quick random general discussions thread.

    Here to discuss on racing styles...

    What would you say is your racing style?..
    What are some of it's pros and cons and does it ever change depending on a situation or?..

    I would say that I have an aggressive racing style. Not aggressive as in dangerous but more of a driver that consumes resources, haha...such as tyres and fuel. I always seem to attack the curb too much and somehow always manage to make my car understeer, even if the settings are that that makes turning much smoother and easier...sometimes vice versa too.

    So just put down which kind of race driver you are, it would be great to share racing style knowledge etc.
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I would describe my style as calculated. Never try to win a race in the first corner. Having a good balanced and tested setup that will last for the entire race. Not over driving the car that will kill my tires and eventually throws me over the cliff :)
  3. I would say that my style is aggressive. Yes, tyre wear is the biggest issue for my style. I would prefer the car setup which makes the car understeer, I hate oversteer.
  4. taq


    Slightly dented with a touch of smoke and distinct overtones of gravel, seasoned with armco and served on a fresh selection of tyre walls.
  5. Trying to obtain consistent quick pace over duration of race rather than a quick lap and then and off. Trying to maintain a high level of concentration is easier said than done. Aggressive when necessary but not OTT.
  6. Eratic
  7. w1y


    INconsistent. Aggressive at the start. Amazes me how few people stick it up the inside of turn 1. I do break hard and take a tight line . most people break too late.
  8. Very aggressive ;) Maybe not in 1st corner... at very beginning with F1 2010 i supposed to finish race on 1st corner and i was a crashboy ;p Actually i'm less aggressive and i don't try to overtake when it's impossible. When i say i'm very aggressive, i mean i tend to drive extremaly dangerous - eg. very close to walls, i use whole track etc... and usually my tyres hate that :D I think i can say, every lap in race is qualifying lap for me ;p
  9. Peter

    who cares Premium

    This is a stupid question.

    My driving style ?

    I'm the best driver in the world.
    I'm agressive like Hamilton.
    Take risks like Schumacher.
    Drive calculated as Button and I'm as fast as Vettel.

    Now serious

    I'm not the fastest but I can race very constant laptimes without wheelblocking and I drive very calculated.

    I don't mind when somebody is faster than me or when I don't win.

    I always watch onboard videos to learn from the big boys.
  10. My style is like Ayrton Senna, aggressive and cunning. Also I will put myself in a position where the guy in front or behind has to yield or we will crash.
  11. Aggressive in qualifying or the first lap of a gp (you know, pushing hard and really attacking).

    In long races I try to be more Jenson Button-ish, cause I find it less stressing and easier to avoid mistakes when driving like he does.
  12. my drivin style ? i take wide line in and always ride curbs with 2 tyres . tend to have oversteer or exits by putting in too much throttle. negative is that i tend to break up my front tyres a lot . just too much unsensitive braking . i also dont drie with 11-11 spring setups or 1-1 ride hight since i cut curbs
  13. How would you describe your driving style?.... Smooth with a hint of garlic. :D
  14. Highly aggressive. Extremely fast when it's all working, but I do spin at times, miss apexs and cause incidents. If the car's not hooked up just right, or if my driving is a bit off, I can struggle, but when it's on, I am very fast. That being said, I don't mind losing as long as it's not caused by my errors and I can be patient if needed to save fuel or tires.
  15. Take risks like Schumacher, especially when gaining 5 positions on the first corner.
  16. My style depends. I had 2 different races in carrer - in first, in Malaysia I had to fight all the time. I was trying to get 110% of my car, but few times i made mistake, and I destroyed my tires after 11 laps. Race later, in China, I was just driving 20 sec behind P3 and 20 sec in front of P5. I was driving cleanly, no mistakes, tires lasted for 16 laps (options). I'm also fast in Qualifying.

    I can call my style "Sebastian Vettel". Quick in single lap, I can find another 0,5 sec somehow, in race if I have clean air, nobody is attacking I'm driving at my best. But when someone is closing in or I have to pass someone - I'm doing alot of mistakes. I'm getting better with psychology race by race - just like Sebastian Vettel.
  17. That sounds great but how do you make the AI driver to realize that he has to yield or his race is finished? :p
  18. i'm smooth like button in fast corners and agressive in slow like alonso
    also i prefer to take a lot of kerb, and fly over chicanes
    very easy on the brakes
    prefer neutral cars, but if impossible i take understeering setup with as low downforce as possible
    somehow i can find 1 second when i'm catching someone
  19. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I like to think I am a pretty smooth driver, easy on the tyres and keep a pretty tight line. Bad points are that I think I am a little too cautious at times in online racing and don't always make it as tough as I should for a driver to overtake.... a bit too considerate perhaps which is both good and bad. Prefer to be that way though than overly aggressive and risk ruining someone else's race.
  20. I'm driving like Yuji Ide - LAME :p