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how to win endurance events

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by Pär Öqvist, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Any pro tip? I have no clue what is going on. I hardly ever race anything but GT but I am winning open wheel events on hard? I have no clue how to drive formula cars. Heck I even won the first drift event on hard. I am the one that got totally stuck in DIRT 3 doing the 8th tutorial. I can do a drift event for an hour and not being able to beat it on the easiest difficulty. I can´t drift whatsoever on tarmac go against everything I learned...

    But I am struggle like crazy on endurance events. In tire saving mode I use way more tire then the opposition anyway. And even if I push I can´t keep up with ravensport ;)

    Any setup tips or whatever. I am tired to have to use all the dirty tricks I can think off to get my objectives.
  2. I also noticed that the AI is way better in Endurance than any of teh other modes...
  3. Yuri

    Yuri 'I get custom nicknames' Kasdorp Premium Member

    You could try rF2 endurance events, you were pretty damn beast at Monza:thumbsup:
  4. Aaah my glory days lol. These arcade titles is supposed to make you feel good about yourself they are not supposed to actually be challenging :D

    Seriously though it´s a good design choice to get rid of the rubberband AI that generally plague arcade console titles. The goal is generally to be top 5 or 6 not win it that is a bonus so it´s pretty cool. And yes I have won some by now but still challenging.
  5. Yuri

    Yuri 'I get custom nicknames' Kasdorp Premium Member

    Sounds like my simracing career:whistling: