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How to use handbrake in Dirt Rally vs In real life ?

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by AeronRudder, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. How to use handbrake?
    Do you need apply clutch before handbrake?
    You need to use clutch before hand brake or not to?
    What is the propose of apply clutch then handbrake ?

    I mean in real life compare to Dirt Rally what is the correct method between use or not use clutch.

    Thank you for all of your answer.
  2. The handbrake in this game is utter rubbish in fwd and all wheel drive cars in my view.

    It works fine in rwd cars, so it must be something to do with the link between steering, drive and the handbrake input, there is no link in rwd so that maybe explains it.

    To be honest it is next to useless in 4wd cars, but in some corners you really need it. So a bit of work needed there.
  3. Disagree with that, works perfectly well for me.
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  4. What do you guys use for handbrake?
    Looking for some compact solid option.
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  5. RaceWasGood

    Premium Member

    I used a TH8A shifter in analog mode for a while and it actually was sufficient enough for me. I guess one of those "hydraulic thingies" would be quite something else though.
  6. I use a big red rubber band on the G27 shifter to create a makeshift handbrake. Works awesome
  7. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    Or maybe its your technique?? You don't use handbrakes in fwd, you have to use lift off oversteer to get any kind of decent drift in fwd. IME, the best drift technique for 4wd is a power over drift. There's no point in blaming the game because its actually pretty good in that sense
  8. Handbrake is useful in very tight hairpins, especially if there is no (safe) room for unsetting the car (ie scan. flick). There are cases where tight rotation might faster than wide powerslide.
    It also depends on a setup. More undesteery setups require more help with handbrake.

    Also remember that to unset the car and perform its balance changes, you need energy which originates from speed vector changes. Low speeds makes some manoeuvres impossible to perform. It is even more true for FWD.

    But yes, I found D:R really good in recreation momentum based rally car behaviour.
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  9. I use the Fanatec handbrake, and its a good piece. In RL I don't use the handbrake much in Rallycross as its just like throwing out the anchor. In Dirt, its useful to use as a brake and to blend the car into a decreasing radius turn on high speed stages. I flick the car racing, and use the throttle to vary the degree of rotation.
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  10. Arne Dopudja

    Arne Dopudja
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    You have to understand that pulling on the handbrake while going straight into the corner will not do anything. Even if you are turning into it, chances are that you will just steer normaly or even understeer because it effectively drags the rear.

    Proper technique for negotiating a tight hairpin would be to come into the corner and before you finish braking completely, you turn or even jerk (depends on the severity of the corner) the car into the corner and just a fraction later, pull on the handbrake a bit. The ammount of car movement is dependant on your setup, so is the corner exit. You just have to get a feel for it.

    For the moments when you are already sliding but you need to turn in more (loose surfaces) just take off a bit of throttle and simultaneously tap the handbrake and then go to power instantly.

    I dont know to what excent CM are simulating this, but modern cars like WRC2010, WRC2000, R4, have self disengaging rear differentials when handbrake is pulled, so in theory you can just go full throttle and pull the hanbrake, realease, and the rear drive kicks in again.

    Older cars, Group B for instance, afaik had locked centre differentials, which meant no handbrake at all on grippy surfaces as it would block all wheels even with the clutch pressed. RWD cars need clutch, otherwise you are stopping the only drive it has and kill the car. Quick dabs can be done without, but better safe than stalling the car.

    Also, it is important to know that handbrake is really useful only for acute corners (to place your car for maximum acceleration) and correcting cornering if it's not going as planned. Otherwise you are wasting time if you use it on open hairpins and sometimes even hairpins.
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  11. Opted for HE handbrake. Took a while to install but it's a beast. Highly recommend.
  12. I only just got the game a couple days ago, and am totally new to rally racing. As such, the only car I've really been driving is the 60's Mini Cooper, which as you all know is FWD.
    I totally SUCK at the Scandinavian Flick, but am getting decent handbrake turns by .. let's see ... braking (normally) toward the corner, gunning the throttle while turning in, then flicking the handbrake while downshifting (while I do have a clutch pedal, it's currently broken -- Thrustmaster RGT w/clutch -- I think the wires are just disconnected inside, and I haven't gotten around yet to opening it back up to fix that)
    Doing this I get what I'd consider a decent drift-turn. :)