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how to use all 32 buttons controller bodnar?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by dedraro, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Ok, what you see in the diagram is a 6x6 matrix connection. if you use the 12 buttons separately, for each button you connect the 2 pins. but if you connect it in a matrix mode, then you skip the ground pin and connect only the 5v pins.
    So if you push a button that conects pin n1 with pin n11 you have your button nr 25.Also you can see that connecting pin nr12 with pins 3,4,5,6 gives you your hat switch. this type of button boxez can get really complicated and crowded with cables.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Every basic button switch has two terminals. Lets call them "A" and "B". So button switch S1 has A and B terminals.

    1. Connect a wire to BUTTONS 1 pin in BU0386. Solder the other end to button switch terminal S1B. Then connect the button switch "B" terminals together S1B->S7B->S12B->S19B->S25B->S31B
    2. Solder a wire to Button switch "A" terminals. These wires will be connected to buttons 7 to 12 pins in BU0386.
    3. Connect a wire to BUTTONS 2 pin in BU0386. Solder the the other end to button switch terminal S2B. Connect the "B" terminal together S2B ->S8B->S14B and so on)
    4. repeat step 2

    There will be lot of wires going to BU0386 buttons 7-12 pins.
    Now forget everything I said because this can lead to total failure and end of world. :whistling:
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  3. Thank you guys for the help, I understand how to do them, only that you will create a lot of confusion. : S
  4. Yes ,unfortunately you cant skip the fuss...
    Prey that everything works because troubleshooting is a pain in the ass...
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