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How to: unlock all the cars?

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Bram, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Need a little help here i think. I have seen enough Mini Coopers already in RACE 07 :rofl:
  2. This patch unlocks all the cars

  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Warren, remember that i am completely new at GTL :)

    So far i have drivin exactly 3 laps in the Austin Mini a few months ago against Roy Visser...

  4. Try the Cobra or Ford GT40, just a tad different to the Mini. :wink: :laugh:

    Seriously though, there is a huge range of cars in GTL and the different driving models are superb, considering that this game is a little old now. The sounds are terrific as well.
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    It will take some time to master the "new" cars and tracks, but i will succeed :)

    Thanks for the help Warren!
  6. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    have fun bram ! ;)
  7. Any help with this guys

    I have extracted the file to the right place and nothing yet

    Could someone explain teh process in idiot fashion please!!

    Many thanks
  8. You have to create a new profile once you have the file there :)
  9. Sorry mate
    I have created a new profile there

    Do I delete the old one?

    When I ahve created the new one there is no more credits in the bank>

    Maybe I did something wrong?
  10. All you need to do, is download that file and put it in the GTL main directory - then just make a new profile ingame and it should work fine.
  11. Yep, it's as simple as that.
    You don't have to delete your old one either.

    Did you actually select the new profile in game? It will have all the extra credits and unlocked cars.
  12. Once again

    Many thanks guys

    Much appreciated, this forum is a superb zone for this kind of thing

    Am able to relive my past youth blatting round Spa in a Morgan!! get in!!
  13. woho its working now i have all the cars and tracks.I bought gtl just 2days ago.One thing wich makes me feel bad is that i cant start online racing.......when i try iam asked to creat account (wich is no problem) and put a CD-KEY but KEY i have is not working.IT worked when i was asked for it during instalation but for online no way.Maybe its not the same CD-KEY but i cant find anything more in my game box,instruckion and od dvd.I only have this one writen on cd wich i have to put during instalation...but no cd-key for online racing :( :(
  14. There is one key on the disc, and that is for when you install it. The other will be in/on the back of the manual and that will be the online key which you need to enter when making a new account :)
  15. It should be inside your DVD case, on a sticker. If there isn't one contact SimBin and explain your situation and they should be able to provide you with one :thumb:
  16. Thanks guyes i have one more key on back of manual it says that is for registering my game copy.I did try it too but not working i will try it one more time with big letters and - - signs between letters.If it wont work i will contact game publisher (polish company).
  17. Could somebody upload to rapidshare as i have been banned from no grip
  18. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep
    Premium Member

    I can mail it to you (don't have a rapidshare account)

  19. Hans i dont have a rapidshare account either. I just need it uploaded so i have all the tracks.

    Is it easily mailed
  20. PM Sent :)