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How to turn on Podium celebration

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Sam White, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm up to Valencia in my first championship of career mode and have started to hit the podium a few times. However, I don't see the podium celebration. Instead I go straight to the press conference.

    I seem to remember switching off podium celebration but not sure if I'm imagining it because I can't find how to turn it on anywhere from within career mode.

    Can anyone assist? I only realised how much I miss the podium celebration when I started getting on there...


  2. As far as i know there is no podium celebration, cuz i never saw an option like tat and also never got a podium celebration when finishing in top 3
  3. You have to do your own podium celebration.

    1. Get a bottle of bubbly
    2. Shake bottle.
    3. Spray your family and friends and pour it over your head.
    4. Get someone to film this and place it on youtube.
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  4. +1 :D
  5. +2 :D
  6. Health and Safety Warning

    Be careful NOT to spray your computer, console, monitor or controller - this could cause irreparable damage and/or an explosion to your electrical equipment. You should construct your podium out of doors, and ensure you install safety rails to prevent yourself falling off.
  8. Ha. Nice one thanks guys. Just my digital ego getting the better of me...I'll settle for the press conferences. I hate champagne anyway.
  9. ha ha ha vety funny andy and a good idea too.
  11. Be glad you don't have the celebrations. Since you never see your driver from a other point of view, you will only see the crowd. And champange being sprayed into your eyes/screen. But maybe F1 2011 will have it???
  12. im off to post it this weekend,,,,,, might get the wife in a catsuit to hand me the champers........