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How to: shift in RACE?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Andre Berm, May 13, 2007.

  1. Hi I am curious how you people shift in the game.
    I am using the sequential shifter on my g25.
    but I am thinking its a lot slower as the flippers.
    tell me youre opinion.
  2. Use the 'flippers.' If anyone says the stick shifter is faster I will personally kiss you.
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I use the flippers behind my G25. But the last days i want more realism and i shift with the sequential gearbox and i am not slower at all. The downshifting feels more natural with the sequential stick! (better rythem, i know it sounds weird but it feels better)
    To i dont know the answer: pick what you like i guess

    Offtopic: i drove a guy in GTR2 on the Nordschleife, a real Ring specialist and he drove the G25 with sequential gears and the clutch. He did awesome heel-and-toe technics and drove the tracks as fast as i never so anybody do it before him! Really awesome to hear him shift down before the corners

  4. LOL there,s a dutch guy from the forum techzine hee is also lightningfast 6.34.502 with a G2 klasse corvette (tourist version)
    I think seq shift is more fun.
  5. I personally use the paddles as well, for me this is the fastest way of shifting, plus i do not need to release the wheel in the meantime, so gives more control for me over the car.

    But i think it is question of preference and practise.
    Only the H-shfiter is slower for sure, the sequential one can be just as fast as the paddles i believe.
  6. Here I am using the H shifter because the RL car I am going to race (not yet) has an h shifter.

    Let me tell you, heel and toe ing is a pain.
  7. Hmmm! Intersesting topic. I have used the G25 sequential shifter from the start in RACE as it felt more realistic to me. I have recently been trying the paddles, and even though it seems quicker, my lap times haven't improved at all, in fact maybe a whisker slower. Probably comes down to practice, but I doubt there is much difference once you get used to them.
    I'm definitely slower with the H shifter, but its great for fun racing or off line.
  8. I'm practicing the h shifter obsessively but i probably should go to sequential until I get my times down...

    what do you think?
  9. I think it's much more important to get familiar with the car's handling and the correct lines for the track. You don't need the added difficulty of the H shifter set up as well. Because the racing is so close, you'll find that smoothness and correct lines are critical.
    My 2 cents worth.
  10. switched to sequential for the time being... my times became consistent. I'll practice my h shifting on the LFS demo's slower car instead.
  11. I use the H-shifter since I bought Race I think there isn't much of a difference between the paddles sequential and the H-shifter it's just to which one you get familiar with I think someone with the H-shifter can be just as fast as someone with the paddles or the sequential you just have to practice
  12. I'm back to H-gate shifting again. I find its more fun and challenging... I've managed to race pretty well and figured out a set of rythms for downshifting whilst dicing with opponents... you can downshift 6-4-2 or 5-3-1 or 6-3-2 or 6-3-1 depending on the corner and the amount of time you have to brake.

    If you're dicing, I've found that I can shift from 6th all the way to 2nd after a bit of braking and listening to the engine revs.

    I've also found that I'm better at driving the cats than I am at touring cars.

    I think H-gate shifting is the hardest but it also gives you the most RPM control of the lot.

    Lastly, its easier to heel-n-toe if you mod your g25's pedals. I added a spacer on my brake pedal and moved it a bit closer to the gas. My braking became more consistent while heel-n-toeing after that so if you're interested in a more reallistic feel for driving a beemer or a cat, go H-gate and mod your pedals.

    You only really need to put a spacer on your brake pedal so its higher than your throttle (like in a real car) and if you have narrow feet like me, bring it closer to the gas pedal.