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How to setup a server?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Jorge Alves, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hi!

    I want to setup a NKPro server so maybe i can do some online races when there is no RD races

    I have a fiber net connection with 3.40 Mps Upload speed ... think its good unuff

    I opened 9500 UDP port in my router ... do i also need to open 9500 TCP ?
    Installed nKServer and started the server in 9500 port
    Windows firewall automaticly created 4 permissions for nKServer that alllows UDP/TCP in all ports.

    The server is listed in game interface and i can join
    But the server does not appear here http://radiators-champ.com/nkpservers/
    So i think there might be a problem and others cant see the server online

    Am i missing anything?
  2. Im not sure but i opened in router both udp/tcp...and when i had firewall open(smart security 4) i had to close it everytime...i upgraded it to 5 and now i dont close the firewall,even if i had set manual the settings about the game and ports..anyway...
    close firewall and open tcp to be sure and check again :)
  3. Did not work:confused: ....
    But thanks for you suggestion Vaggelis ;)
  4. np :)
    strange...did u tick the "register server to nkpro"?(in the nk server tool)
    cant think something else
  5. yep ...

    in Main Config Menu i config:
    server name
    max clients= 15
    admn pass
    register servver on
    use full mode off (i tryed on also)
    use custom grid off

    in sessions menu i just have a normal setup for practice, quali, race

    all the other menus didnt change anything (do i need to?)

    cant find any good tutorial for this in other sites:confused:
  6. What's the name and IP of the server? Can others connect to it?
  7. when i type ipconfig in dos window its says ipv4:
    but in my router page it says ip adress:

    dont think others can connnect cause nobody did it and its not in this list http://radiators-champ.com/nkpservers/
    if you have the time please try to see if there is any servver in your NKPro game interface called "500 Abarth Server" and if you can connect

    some months ago i was runnning a server in Live for Speed and everything worked ok ... a little hard to config but no problems with router blocking ... just opened the ports like i did now (at least as i can remember)
  8. Not in the list, and can't connect to it with jump2nkp. I'm guessing it's either a firewall or port issue. You have both 9500 TCP and UDP open?

    EDIT: nevermind, just checked the manual. Only UDP is required.

    Nothing you didn't already know in there. Open up UDP port, allow it through firewall, and that should be it.
  9. i will restart the router ... maybe i should have done that already:rolleyes:
  10. I have to reboot mine when I want to open ports.
  11. I will take a break on this for now ... its just making my head spinning:p
    Anyway ... thanks a lot for the help Senad and Vaggelis
  12. im trying again .... lets see how it goes
  13. Well ... its working:)
    Thanks for cheking Senad;)

    Dont know what the problem was ... i just restarted the rooter, instaled nk pro rank utility and deleted the .ini file in MyDocuments/netkar Pro/ server/config folder ... then in nkServerTool i clicked on "Start Rank Server" and its working:)

    Still doesnt show up in this list http://radiators-champ.com/nkpservers/ (maybe i need to run the server for longer time?)
    But it shows in this one http://www.wagenvoort.net/rank/servers.php
  14. what's the server name ?
    tonight I can try to join it and see if it works :)
  15. Thanks Alessandro ... the server works fine but not many racers ... only 1 joinned in 3 days so i just shut it down.
    Its good to know i can host nkp races now ... but to get people racing there i will need to do a lot of "marketing" and im just not the kind of person to do that.

    Anyway ... i will be waitting for some 500 Abarth events in the few running servers ... its a shame that the best sim in the market looks so empty
  16. Guys, how do I install the update for RSR's sepang server.....extract to main folder and overwrite if asked...?
  17. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    hey Jorge, im up for a bit of fun ...ive been meaning to get into this for some time now..
    Gtl is going good:) so it s time to broaden my horizons..:O_o:
  18. Nice Rupe;) If you or anyone else is up to some Vintage GT fun in Blackwood, Spa 2001, Suzuka, A1 Ring, Laguna Seca, or Aviano Full i can set it up .... there are servers running all the time for other cars ... but none for Vintage wich is the most fun for me.